Madonna review - mistress of sex, sacrilege and stairs
Getting ready for Paris!

And you know, you definitely don't want to miss your trains....

madonnalicious got the feeling that someone in her team had told her that people had complained that they were missing their trains as she was coming on-stage later than being Madonna....well you can guess!

However because she was annoyed and still started later than advertised, she cut out Dress You Up / Into The Groove out of the show, and failed to do her costume change.


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John c

In an old video interview, madonna one stated that she does not tolerate lateness. I find it hypocritical that she acts in a manner that she wouldnot tolerate from others. I would love to find the old video footage where she states the above. I am a fan but an apology her lateness would be easier to swallow than obnoxious hypocrisy :(



Claire is really good at moderating the comments. By some of the past comments posted I don't believe that she censores much at all. As much as I love Madonna and can't wait for the show next month I agree with you. I said pretty much what you said after the MDNA tour. I knew ticket sales would be slower for the next tour especially since she seemed to have no regard to her start time. She did not come on stage in Atlanta for the MDNA tour until 10:30 which is ridiculous. After having a nice dinner before the concert we sat around and sat around and sat around. I did not witness anyone leaving but afterwards a lot of people we upset she started so late. I knew then that would slow down sales for the next tour. But she seems to be selling out the shows now since all of the great reviews and her starting at a much better time. As long as 90% of tickets are sold that is considered a sellout. And I have noticed the tickets are getting sold faster closer to the dates of the shows.

Robert King

The last Madonna show I went to was the Sticky and Sweet Tour, London. She came on late and people missed the last tube. She talks about caring for one another and treating people with respect, well that should be a two way street. I still listen to Madonna and watch the odd concert, but the situation in London changed the way I thought of Madonna from that moment on. I have been to many shows since, not Madonna, and all have been on time, that's respect. Madonna needs to remember it's the fans that have put her where she is today. Talented, yes, but if you consider the sales of her last album, it's a far cry from a few years ago. Maybe people have woken up to the real Madonna!


I adore Madonna as well JackJ, but what you are saying is very true. On MDNA the couple next to us had to leave halfway through the show because it was already after midnight and they had a long drive ahead and work the next morning. Her Madgesty should take into account how much her fans are shelling out just to see her and respect them buy starting the shows on time




And Madonna wonders why her shows didn't get sold out this time around like before. It's a matter of respect... people have trains to catch, babysitters to let go, be at work on time the next day, etc. I don't mind her being 20 or even 30 minutes late but when she makes the fans wait for over an hour or more that's being disrespectful to the time the fans are giving her. Madonna has to realize that her fan base is getting older and they have responsibilities... instead of "listening" to them she's chastising them... that will definitely be reflected on the next tour's ticket sales. In my opinion, majority of her shows weren't sold out this time around due to 2 simple reasons:

- Folks got tired of her not incorporating old songs in her set list (luckily, she rectified the issue on this outing probably once she saw the slow sales. Did you notice this is the first time Madonna shared which oldies will be on the set list prior to the tour kick-off via Instagram?)
- Frustration over the late start. It's not like she can't start early... get up early, do the soundcheck early, start the show early, go to bed early...)

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE her... I've already been to 2 RH shows and will be going to 2 more in January. The show is AMAZING... probably her best since Blonde Ambition. I'm just providing some constructive criticism... I would love to see her shows get sold out like before.

This comment will probably be moderated out so I might as well stop here...

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