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Madonna's Instagram: 'Playing the Adam and Eve game!'


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The whole of it is lip synced, she hasn't even got the mic by her mouth when her voice is coming out (see at 6 minutes in for Open Your Heart).

I do believe the whole show is recorded first so there is a back up for certain songs to be mimed and also whilst rehearsing it would be too demanding on her vocals to sing hours and hours, so a lot of it is mimed in rehearsal stages whilst getting the overall performance perfect.


@smith777 "I am The fan, any fan knows you don't diss the Queen," No. You are a Stan. Fans constructively criticise and give positive feedback. M would appreciate that - she hates obsequious flatterers and 'Yes' people. Stans are blind and simply follow like sheep. Long live fans; down with Stans!


LOL i wasn't dissing her. don't get so upset and calm down. I've been a massive fan and always will be. Was just disappointed when I saw this. Relax. Jeez!


She is singing......its very clear to me. I guess its all about your perception. ... I see a superstar dancing singing at the same time, that takes more than talent. I am The fan, any fan knows you don't diss the Queen, thanks for the try. I am not saying she never has done that, but every star has to use back up track at times. its the nature of the game. Were you not entertained? I always am. Thanks Madonna. I am Thankful this Thanksgiving Day 4 U! Love (well) Spent.


I'm such a huge fan and always thought she was singing live! It's quite apparent that she's lip synching especially during Open Your Heart!

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