Madonna's Instagram: 'Pray For Peace!'
Madonna's Instagram: #prayforparis

Madonna asks crowd to hold moment's silence for Paris victims

Madonna made an emotional speech at a concert on Saturday before asking the crowd to observe a moment's silence for the victims of the Paris attacks.

To huge applause and cheers, the singer said she had considered cancelling the show in Stockholm, Sweden, but did not want to let the terrorists stop them doing what they love.

Her eyes welling up and voice cracking, she told the crowd: 'In many ways I feel torn. Why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones? That is exactly what these people want to do, they want to shut us up, they want to silence us. But we won't let them. There is no one in this world who should have the right to stop us doing what we love.'

Madonna said it had been hard to get through the show, which she said was 'about celebrating life and standing up for your rights', and that the attacks had 'disturbed' her.

The singer then asked the crowd at the Tele 2 Aren to fall silent and say a prayer for the victims and their families.

From ITV News


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@jeffrey: Errrrr, we need to stand united as a WORLD. These fanatics are EVERYWHERE. Let's not forget Muslim terror attacks that have taken place in New York, London, Barcelona, Bali, Tunisia, Egypt, etc. Paris is, sadly, the latest in a long line of attacks and we must ALL unite to DESTROY this evil before it destroys us.


Amen. We stand united with France!

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