UK Press: Coverage of #RebelHeartTour premiere
'Washington D.C. Shine your light on me!'

Rebel Heart Review: 'I think we knew we were making a special moment for her....'

madonnalicious reader Paul shares his thoughts from the opening night of the Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal and some videos and his favourite picture from the night:


I don't even know what to write. Not easy to describe. I've seen her on four world tours but this was, by total chance, the first time I'd seen opening night.
By shear luck I had already bought these tickets as it was the closest date to my home (Ottawa Canada). So I got to experience this amazing opening night because M changed the dates around and feel very lucky and grateful.
The energy was indescribable. She was so full of joy. The audiences reaction after she sang La Vie En Rose was absolutely incredible. We all lost our minds. I think we also knew that we were making a special moment for her and not just her creating moments for us (for once). She was so visibly touched.
I think that the crowd had that reaction to something she did, just her and the stage, made all the difference. This wasn't acrobats. Not her vogueing in a cone bra. Not pyrotechnics or special effects. Just her raw with a song. I think she really appreciated that.

Anyway I could go on and on lol. Here are the videos I posted. I put the most effort into the show opener and it is the most complete video but they are all good fun. As you can see my seats weren't amazing but that didn't matter. Plus they do give a good overview shot.


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I can't believe she turned the 80's songs into a medley. I love dress you up and her voice on ellen DeGeneres when she sung more impromptu. But she is cutting classic songs short ie love don't live here anymore is just so amazing and she sounds amazing but heart break city takes over. Burning Up is way too harsh. She really needs to soften it. I hope by the time she comes to Australia that she improves her concert. She is such an amazing artist and soo talented. My friends are not fans but I don't want them to be disappointed. True Blue has such a beautiful arrangement. I just don't want toi be disappointed. I saw her at the Girlie Show and just think she is so extraordinary. I hope the fans giver her feedback.

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