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Madonna adds Ghosttown to the setlist in Brooklyn!

Madonna performed Ghosttown for the first time on the Rebel Heart Tour in Brooklyn last night. She must have been listening to fans who felt that Ghosttown should have definitely been included in the setlist! madonnalicious reader mlvc90 filmed this clip of the performance.

Monte Pittman also shared this picture from the Ghosttown performance: 'When it all falls, when it all falls down I'll be your fire when the lights go out - Love this woman!!!!!! I had such a great time playing for so many friends all through the many phases of my life so far tonight. Such - a - trip!!!!'



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Brooklyn Center clover

This is good

April Jess NYC

I was at the MSG, Thursday, September 17th (the second show there) and she did not sing Ghosttown.

kiki carmita

i believe it was added for the rest of the tour. of coarse being a fan for ever I know madge changes things around as the tour goes on....thats why I like when she comes to NYC NJ towards the end.....but this year MSG nite 1 sept 16th was like her 4th show . I enjoyed it, it was everything...but I realized at the end....wait, where's ghosttown?? on the bus on my way home....

im almost positive she sang it the 2nd nite at MSG as well as barcleys center..

o well....i just wud have cried more .....i cud fill a big bucket up of tears when ever madonnas presence is in the room or i know shes coming naturally I cried during all the meaningful songs,Ghosttown would have put me over the edge lol.....but these cute boys next to me had extra tissues and put their arms around me ;) always meet great ppl at her shows


I hope it's a permanent addition


she added it fo rbrooklyn no tsure if it is permanantley added


SO pleased!!! This should NEVER have been missed off the setlist in the firstplace, especially since the likes of the way-over-performed La Isla Bonita and Music are included!!

Ana Vescovo

I have been a faithful stay at home Mom for the last 7 years while my husband has been deployed 7 times. Since I was in 7th grade I have been an avid Madonna fan. For some reason I never made it to a concert my entire life. I am now 44 and I never even go out with my friends. I would love to make a dream of mine come true and see Madonna live in concert in San Antonio or wherever! I am getting back surgery for degenerative discs on October 2nd after struggling with dibilitating pain for seven years. I have not had a night out since I had my little girl and the dream of mine would be to see Madonna. I still have the original Madonna CDs that I bought 30 years ago. If you know if anyone that has some sort of connection to Madonna that could make my dream come true, I would be greatly appreciative. Please help this old 44 year old Mom at least have one amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you and Take Care.


Rebel Heart is back on iTunes chart at 137. Hopefully as the tour continues people will realize how good the album is and push it back into the top 10.


Thanks for all your great M posts. But please don't post spoilers in the headlines. Thank you.


Did she replace a song or add it to the setlist?


Yes yes yes!!!!!

Sharon Champa

YES! Cannot wait to see Ghosttown live. Was so disappointed it wasn't on the original set list.

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