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Liz Smith: Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' is Still Beating

Liz Smith gives a rousing review of Madonna and her Rebel Heart Tour stop in Madison Square Garden last week:

'Rebel Heart' is fun, just fun. Madonna seems joyous herself, full of energy and vitality - no strain, no pain. (No pain that's obvious, anyway.) The costumes, sets and amazing dancers take second place to the positive vibrations Madonna sends out. If it's acting, then she is a far, far better actress than she has ever been credited. The star seems to have recaptured the effervescence of her early days, when fame was was shiny and new, not yet a burden, and the world she declared she wanted to conquer, was waiting for her.

Madonna is a great showman, and a great artist. Period. Deal with it, bitches. The two words critics love to use about Madonna - always have - are 'desperate' and 'over.' If what I saw last week is desperate and over, please, sir, may I have some more?

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Agree with @Mikey J. Nothing in life is free and fame comes with its own price tag, like it or not. To quote part of one of the most famous lines from 'Fame': "Fame costs. And here's where you start paying..."

Mikey J

It always annoys me when people refer to fame as a burden. Yes, it may be, but M has actively courted fame and controversy for well over 30 years now (and is still perfoming and recording material). With that fame has come extreme wealth (Forbes currently rates her fortune at over US$500m, and it has been as high as over US$800m) - so there is always a choice: shoulder the "burden" in exchange for the fame, or remove yourself from the extreme spotlight of the public glare.

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