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Merchandise: Madonna Official 2016 Calendar

Get ready for a great Madonna year with her stunning 16-month calendar featuring exclusive photographs hand-picked by Madonna and taken by Ellen von Unwerth, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. 12 X 12 inches.

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Second shows added to Taipei and Hong Kong! are thrilled to see fans in Southeast Asia showing their support for Madonna! Due to unprecedented demand, The Rebel Heart Tour has added shows in Taipei on February 6 and in Hong Kong on February 18!

Lifetime Legacy members will receive first access to tickets starting Thursday, October 1 at 10am local times.

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Madonna’s rebel heart on proud display at Boston's TD Garden

Truth or dare?

Truth: Madonna’s performance at TD Garden on Saturday night was a crowning achievement in a year that has unjustly denied her such moments.

Let me put it this way. The narrative surrounding Madonna in 2015 has not exactly been kind to the 57-year-old pop icon. You would think by now she has earned the right, and the public’s trust, to be whomever she wants. And yet the older she gets, the more she has to counter sexist questions of why she’s not acting her age ('I am,' she has said) and what is left for her to do.

Those critiques faded inside the Garden as Madonna reasserted a longstanding hallmark of her career: She is at her best and fights her hardest the minute you count her out.

'Tell me I’m no good/ And I’ll be great,' she sang on the opening 'Iconic,' a battle cry from this year’s “Rebel Heart,” a very good pop album that deserved to sell more than it did.

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Fan Report: 'I've been waiting my entire life to do this. Trust me. I will dance.'

madonnalicious reader Stefan was the fan that got picked to dance with Madonna onstage at the Philadelphia Rebel Heart Tour show and this is his story of the night!

Last night in my hometown of Philadelphia, a lifelong dream of mine came true: I danced with Madonna onstage.

I'm still overwhelmed with joy and love and emotion, but here is an account of how my dream became a reality.

In the second to last song of Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour, 'Unapologetic Bitch,' a randomly selected fan is brought up onstage to dance with the Queen. I had heard that the fan is picked before the show begins, so by the time me and my BFF Jennifer had taken our seats and the show started, I assumed some lucky fan had already been selected. So I did what I always do at a Madonna: got ready to sing/dance/cheer for the next two hours.

And I did, because the show is amazing since 1) Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour is one of her great tours - setlist-wise and spectacle-wise and 2) Jennifer and I were in the 4th row. There is nothing better than being close-up during a Madonna show.

It was during the end of the fourth-to-last song (Material Girl) that I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was a woman with a headset and walkie-talkie and a crew shirt and she said 'Would you come with me?'

I don't know how, but I INSTANTLY knew I had been picked to go onstage. I tapped Jennifer and said 'I have to go. I'm going onstage!' Jennifer looked at me like I had two heads, but I didn't have time to explain.

Along the side of the arena the crew woman asked me if I would like go up onstage and dance with Madonna. I couldn't have said yes faster.

She walked me towards the back of the floor section where a co-worker was waiting. The two of them basically drilled me, asking if I was DEFINITELY going to dance and how I HAVE to dance really hard and Madonna is happier when the person dances a lot and how the girl at the last show didn't do anything and how I MUST dance my ass off. I looked at her point-blank and said 'I've been waiting my entire life to do this. Trust me. I will dance.'

To read the rest of Stefan's story visit:


Still en ‘vogue’: Madonna shows some things get better with age

Madonna carries the burden of being 57 in a world where Britney is an old maid at 33. But if we ignore Madge’s age, or forget that the current crop of hot, unremarkable young things run the pop industry, we can step back and enjoy the Rebel Heart Tour for the mature spectacle that it is.

Whoa, whoa, I know crucifixes as stripper poles and nuns in short shorts isn’t grown up. But Madonna’s packed TD Garden show last night still seemed so much more adult (in every sense of the word) than the infantilism of Katy Perry’s dancing sharks and Taylor Swift’s cutesy ’80s fetish.

Madonna’s visions have a smart, thought-out feel her imitators can’t replicate. Her dancers’ execution makes her would-be peers look like amateurs - the simple, thrilling choreography of -Deeper and Deeper- reminded that talent beats tech every time. Oh, and her pop crushes all comers.

'At the end of the day the smoke and mirrors don’t matter,' she told the crowd strumming an acoustic guitar ahead of (surprisingly) killer 'Who’s That Girl.' 'It’s the music that matters.'

Her new songs balanced the Material Girl with a modern one.

She opened with 'Iconic' and its bizarre sample of Mike Tyson ranting about his unequaled skills before dropping into a thumping groove that continued into 'Bitch I’m Madonna' and 'Burning Up.' Her 'Holy Water'/'Vogue' mashup mixed sex and the sacred (and those pole-dancing nuns). 'Living For Love,' maybe her best song this century, delivered the hook and gospel harmonies of old-school Top 40 - and had loads more snap and pop than her Grammy performance.

Unwilling to be enveloped in nostalgia, she deconstructed her classics.

Like 'Who’s That Girl,' 'True Blue' got an acoustic makeover, this one with Madonna on ukulele. Stalking the catwalk alone, she pimped out 'Like a Virgin' with a fresh club beat.

The band opened 'Music' with some jazz age swagger. She extended the flamenco vibe of 'La Isla Bonita' through a medley of 'Dress You Up'/'Into The Groove'/'Lucky Star.'

Ignore the constant chatter surrounding her private life and turn your back on the idea a pop star must be irrelevant after 30. Instead dig into her exotic and familiar cocktail until she can’t mix it up anymore - she’s good for at least one more mega-event like this one. Embrace that her blonde ambition continues to make her the genre’s greatest icon.

From Jed Gottlieb at

Gone in 30 minutes: Madonna tickets for Hong Kong concert sell out

All tickets for Madonna’s debut concert in Hong Kong on February 17 sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale at 10am on Friday – setting what is believed to be a record for the fastest Hong Kong concert to sell out.

The concert venue, AsiaWorld-Arena at the airport off Lantau Island, can hold a maximum of 13,500 people. Tickets ranged in price from HK$688 for the cheapest seats to a whopping HK$11,888 for front-row seating.

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour began in Montreal, Quebec, on September 9 and will take in 64 cities before it wraps up in Brisbane on March 27, 2016. The tour follows the spring release of Madonna’s Rebel Heart album, the singer’s 13th studio album.

From South China Morning Post


Madonna Pays Tribute To Pope

Madonna dedicated a song to Pope Francis during her show in Philadelphia last night.

The pop superstar performed at the Wells Fargo Center just days before the Pontiff is due to head to the city as part of his U.S. visit.

Madonna made reference to his trip while on stage, joking that he is visiting the same cities as her Rebel Heart Tour.

She told the audience, 'The pope is stalking me. Either he's a copycat or he's secretly in love with me.'

The Like A Virgin hitmaker, who was raised a Catholic, also talked about her issues with the Church. She has previously infuriated Catholic leaders with religious themes in her videos and stage show.

Madonna even incurred the wrath of the Catholic League by including dancers dressed as nuns on her current tour.

'Rules are for fools. That's why I like the new pope. He seems very open-minded,' she declared at the gig. 'I've been excommunicated from the Catholic Church three times. It shows the Vatican really cares.'

She went on to dedicate her version of La Vie en Rose to the Pope, saying, 'Since Popey-wopey is on his way over here (to Philadelphia), I want to dedicate this song to him.'


Madonna reveals Sean Penn 'finally' appreciates her 'art'

Madonna opened up to fans at Brooklyn's Barclay Center on Saturday night and revealed how her ex Sean Penn penned a letter admitting he finally likes her music.

The 'Milk' actor took time to watch his ex-wife - who he was married to for four years from 1985 - at her recent 'Rebel Heart' gig at New York's Madison Square Garden and, 30 years after he first saw her perform at the same venue, he understood and enjoyed her music for the first time.

And the 55-year-old star even wrote a letter to the 'Music' hitmaker to praise her.

Speaking during her show at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn on Saturday, she told the audience: 'I did a show at Madison Square Garden the other night if you heard about it. And my ex-husband was there! Could you imagine? Anyway, after the show he wrote me a letter and said he finally appreciates my art. And that is what I have to say about marriage, OK? Thirty f***ing years later.'

And it seems Sean was much more positive than when he went to watch Madonna perform during their marriage.

She admitted: 'He had been at my show at Madison Square Garden 30 years earlier and he was very upset with me for wearing a costume that was too revealing. That's not a lie!'


Liz Smith: Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' is Still Beating

Liz Smith gives a rousing review of Madonna and her Rebel Heart Tour stop in Madison Square Garden last week:

'Rebel Heart' is fun, just fun. Madonna seems joyous herself, full of energy and vitality - no strain, no pain. (No pain that's obvious, anyway.) The costumes, sets and amazing dancers take second place to the positive vibrations Madonna sends out. If it's acting, then she is a far, far better actress than she has ever been credited. The star seems to have recaptured the effervescence of her early days, when fame was was shiny and new, not yet a burden, and the world she declared she wanted to conquer, was waiting for her.

Madonna is a great showman, and a great artist. Period. Deal with it, bitches. The two words critics love to use about Madonna - always have - are 'desperate' and 'over.' If what I saw last week is desperate and over, please, sir, may I have some more?

To read the full review visit:

Video: Madonna spanks Anderson Cooper on stage

Madonna pulled a Taylor Swift- albeit much more risque - when she pulled CNN’s Anderson Cooper on stage for a little naughty fun during her Rebel Heart concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Saturday, Sept. 19.

As seen in the fan-shot video below, Cooper awkwardly danced along as the Queen of Pop spanked and humped him during her performance of 'Unapologetic Bitch.' After the song ended, Madonna playfully forced the CNN host to stand on stage while she gifted him a banana.


Madonna adds Ghosttown to the setlist in Brooklyn!

Madonna performed Ghosttown for the first time on the Rebel Heart Tour in Brooklyn last night. She must have been listening to fans who felt that Ghosttown should have definitely been included in the setlist! madonnalicious reader mlvc90 filmed this clip of the performance.

Monte Pittman also shared this picture from the Ghosttown performance: 'When it all falls, when it all falls down I'll be your fire when the lights go out - Love this woman!!!!!! I had such a great time playing for so many friends all through the many phases of my life so far tonight. Such - a - trip!!!!'



On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the release of 'Confessions on a Dance Floor', Piccadilly Editions is publishing 'MADONNA CONFESSIONS 10'.

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Technical specifications:

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SPECIAL GIFT : a 'HAVE YOU CONFESSED?' tote bag for any order placed before September 30th!

For more information and to purchase visit:


Madonna Performs Song Dedicated to Ex Sean Penn - and He's Watching in the Front Row

As Madonna dominated the stage during her Rebel Heart concert on Thursday, a familiar face from her past drew attention from the front row at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Sean Penn, 55, was in the audience when the singer, 57, performed 'True Blue,' a song rooted deep in the former couple's history. (The hit was featured on her album of the same name, which was released while they were married in 1986. 'This is dedicated to my husband, the coolest guy in the universe,' the True Blue album notes read.)

Nearly three decades after their tumultuous divorce in 1987, Penn's reaction to her performance was captured in video obtained by TMZ. The short clip shows Penn looking up at the stage as Madonna belts out the tune's sweet lyrics.

In the years since their split, the former pair have been open about their fondness for each other.

'I'm very friendly with my first ex-wife,' Penn said in an interview for Esquire U.K.'s March issue.

Most recently, Madonna showed her love for Penn when she pointed out the proximity of their birthdays - she turned 57 on Aug. 16, one day before his 55th birthday on Aug. 17 - in a throwback Instagram. The image, taken by the late photographer Herb Ritts, shows Penn planting a kiss on her cheek in the 1980s.


Madonna still provocative but wistful on new epic tour

Two hours into a show in which transgender nuns twirled on stripper poles and hot-bodied dancers simulated most imaginable sex acts, Madonna's eyes glistened.

'I'm so lucky to have survived this long,' the pop legend told a sold-out crowd Wednesday night at New York's Madison Square Garden.

'I'm feeling pretty nostalgic tonight. I first performed here 30 years ago,' she said.

On one of the first dates of her new 'Rebel Heart' tour, Madonna still proved her capacity to provoke and, at 57, powered lustrously through an elaborately choreographed set whose breakneck pace would daunt an artist of any age.

The show opened with Madonna descending from a cage to a procession of armored dancers inspired by both Joan of Arc and the samurai.

Madonna and her dancers changed attire at a dizzying pace, as the singer assumed personas that ranged from 1920s cabaret coquette to erotically charged matador.

But Madonna also turned wistful before the audience in her adopted hometown, remembering her first time in Madison Square Garden, when she closed her blockbuster tour for 'Like a Virgin' in 1985.

The show of emotion was rare for Madonna, who is known for her fierce professional determination and has responded defiantly after recent setbacks including online leaks of the 'Rebel Heart' album.

Madonna helped revolutionize the concept of a concert with her 1990 'Blond Ambition' tour, giving a new aura to her music through prolific costume changes and heavy overtones of sex including simulated masturbation, which even brought condemnation by The Vatican.

Madonna has not toned down the sex on the 'Rebel Heart' tour. She even entered the stage to a recording of her voice declaring, 'I have tits and ass and an insatiable desire to be noticed.'

On 'Holy Water,' dancers dressed as nuns with a transgender appearance glided up and down poles and hoisted Madonna perilously in the air.

The stage then turned into a mock 'Last Supper,' with Madonna as the main course tied on the table with her legs flirtatiously open.

But Madonna was ready to strip down the music as well. In one of the most emotionally resonant moments of the night, she sat alone with a ukulele and sang, in French, Edith Piaf's 'La Vie en Rose.'

The twice-divorced Madonna introduced the song by describing herself as 'cynical' about marriage, stating: 'I have good reason to be, but I still am a romantic at heart.'

Madonna, whose New York fan base is heavily Latino as well as gay, similarly transformed several of her giddiest '80s tracks - 'Dress You Up,' 'Into the Groove' and 'Lucky Star' - into an acoustic, Spanish-tinged medley brought joyously to stage as a flamenco dance.

'This is the first time my manager told me I'm wearing too much clothing,' Madonna said at she donned a Latin floral dress.

It is Madonna's first tour since her 88-date global sweep in 2012 for her album 'MDNA,' concerts that triggered frequent controversy for her outspoken commentary on issues including US gun culture and Europe's far-right.

'Rebel Heart' is by contrast mostly free of politics save during 'Illuminati,' her toying take on conspiracy theories, in which a screen flashed sudden scenes ranging from a Ku Klux Klan rally to a gay rights kiss-in.

Madonna in recent years has accused her critics of ageism and, when she signed off, she was back to her steely self.

There was no dramatic bow or prolonged encore, with her simple parting words: 'Thank you, New York. We'll be back.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Takes Manhattan With 'Astonishingly Impressive' NYC Tour Stop

Bitch, there’s only one Madonna. The 57-year-old Queen of Pop made that abundantly clear during a more than two hour stage spectacular last night at Madison Square Garden, the first of three NYC-area dates of her hater-silencing Rebel Heart World Tour.

Wheeling out a die-hard fan-feeding 23 tracks - naturally, some recent thumpers off Rebel Heart, her thirteenth studio disc, and surprisingly straight-forward, heartfelt renderings of classics she hasn’t performed live in decades - the Material Girl turned out her most astonishingly impressive live experience since 2006’s Confessions Tour.

Although she was backed by a new, multi-cultural cadre of resistance band-flexible backup dancers, dressed in the finest stage gear from Gucci, Alexander Wang, and Miu Miu and accompanied by a small city’s worth of LED lights, M relied on her singular catalog of hits, unblemished dancing chops and 30 years experience as an unequaled provocateur to do the heavy lifting.

To read the rest of the review visit:

Madonna at MSG: 'There is no other performer like her'

Madonna’s album Rebel Heart was bedevilled by leaks; she fell flat on her backside at the Brit awards; and her Instagram gaffes have made Jeremy Corbyn look like a Rupert Murdoch-style media mastermind. As she arrives in Madison Square Garden on the fourth date of her 10th tour - the last under her 10-year, $120m contract with Live Nation - she should be up against it. Yet Madonna is always at her best with her back to the wall, when the killer instinct that has sustained her through over 30 years in pop rears to the surface, a visceral refusal to be beaten.

Her choice of support act on this homecoming gig - since New York is the place she remade herself - is very Madonna, all wrong on paper but in practice, right on the money. Amy Schumer takes the stage in front of a massive backdrop of Madonna’s face staring at the heavens and clutching a sword to her breast, the massive machinery of pop music concealed behind it. Swigging from a bottle of champagne, and with nothing but a microphone and a stool, the comic of the moment says that she was asked: 'Who better than you to open up for Madonna?' 'Uh,' she rhetorically answers. 'Any band?'

Yet Schumer’s perfect reading of the audience, in which straight men are such a minority as to be non-existent, ('It’s like taking a warm bath in a ton of dick that doesn’t want you') weapons-grade filth ('We’re here to rethink cum') and description of the Kardashians as a family who 'take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion' reduce the crowd to marshmallow before Madonna has even made an appearance.

Twenty-five years from her apotheosis, 1990’s Blond Ambition tour, Madonna’s vision of the pop concert - in which music is combined with dance, video and costume, in order to reconceptualise familiar hits into an overwhelming sensory bombardment - has now been copied by generations of pop stars.

To read the rest of the review visit:

Amy Schumer gets into the groove with Madonna at MSG

Compared to the eye-watering sexual detail that Amy Schumer puts into her comedy skits and routines, watching her flash her underwear to a packed Madison Square Garden and let Madonna feign taking her from behind was practically PG-13 material.

This surreal moment turned out to be a hysterical highlight of the singer’s two-hour gig on Wednesday night. As the dancehall rhythms of 'Unapologetic Bitch' bounced around the arena, Madge pulled up Schumer, the two twerked their magic, and the singer then anointed the comic with the title of 'Unapologetic Bitch of the Evening.' For this, she was awarded a sock puppet and a banana, which Schumer then pretended to enter into the one part of her body normally reserved for exiting.

It was enough to make even the Queen of Shock look a little uncomfortable, and she duly exclaimed 'you’re going straight to hell!' In the context of the rest of the show, it was easily one of the most risqué moments. Sure, there were pole-dancing nuns, half-exposed buttocks, and the insinuation of oral sex at the Last Supper, but these aren’t sights that make Madonna fans gasp anymore. The bigger surprise was the sight of the usually inscrutable megastar exposing herself emotionally.

This year’s 'Rebel Heart' album didn’t set the charts alight but those who listened close heard the 57-year-old sounding wounded and reflective, and it’s where the 'Rebel Heart Tour' is often most arresting. The Catholic guilt (complete with a melancholic priest) came to the surface again on 'Devil Pray' and during the delicate ballad 'HeartBreakCity,' Madonna let the pain of her failed relationship with dancer Brahim Zaibat flow into night. 'I sound cynical about love because I have good reason to,' she explained at one point, and the way these songs were delivered made it hard to doubt.

But even Madonna’s biggest fans don’t pay to watch a pity party, and Madonna (as she always has done since she first played the Garden 30 years ago) put on a show that was entertaining to the last. A giant cross-shaped walkway connected the main stage at one end of the arena, to a smaller, B-stage at the other end, and every inch was well used. The blood and guts approach to her controversial 'MDNA' tour in 2012 was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Madonna relied heavily on impressive set-pieces, elaborate costumes, and tightly choreographed dance numbers, the best of which turned out to be a fabulously vibrant, flamenco-themed medley of hits such as 'La Isla Bonita,' 'Into the Groove,' and 'Everybody.' It’s moments like these that prove Madonna’s version of nostalgia is more inventive than most artists’ version of contemporary. That’s why we still need her, now more than ever.

For more visit:

Rebel Heart Tour: Washington DC Fan Pictures 1

madonnalicious reader Kevin from North Carolina saw Madonna's show in Washington DC and sent in his thoughts and pictures from the night:

I saw the Rebel Heart Tour in DC on Saturday, September 12th. I was in a VIP seat right in the middle of the heart section on the right side. I was able to look her Madgesty in the eyes and smile!

The overall set list was, in my opinion, much better than the MDNA Tour! She included lots of older songs, and a highlight for me was hearing True Blue performed live for the first time since 1987! She seemed a lot happier during this show, basically smiling and joking throughout the entire performance. It was good to see her enjoying herself! After singing 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore' and taking off her jacket and throwing it to Tony (her quick change guy), he walked right by me. I yelled his name, and he turned around, patted me on the shoulder, and said, 'Hello! How are you?!' That was another highlight for me.

At a later point in the show, Madonna and her dancers were at the end of the runway and threw out some shot glasses. My friend that was with me caught one of them! It was plastic and didn't say anything on it, but it was still special knowing it was on the stage with Madonna!

I am planning to go to another show on this tour, that is how amazing it was!


More Rebel Heart Tour dates for Asia and North America

Just days after the launch of Madonna’s highly-anticipated Rebel Heart Tour, Live Nation announced today that Madonna is adding more tour dates in Asia and North America. The new dates added to the 64-city world tour include first ever concerts by the Material Girl in Taipei, Hong Kong; Macau; Bangkok; Louisville, KY; San Antonio, Tulsa, OK, TX; Nashville, TN; as well as her first concerts in Tokyo in a decade and additional dates in Mexico City; and Houston, TX. A full list of dates can be found below.

Tickets for the Rebel Heart concerts in North America will go on sale on Monday, September 21. Tickets in Hong Kong go on sale September 25 and in Taipei on Sat. Sept. 26. In Bangkok, tickets on sale on Sat. Oct. 3 and in Tokyo on sale Sat. Oct. 10th. On sale dates for the concert in Mexico City and the 2 performances in Macau to be announced.

Icon is Madonna's official fan club. Lifetime Legacy members of Icon will receive first access to tickets and VIP Packages. Fans may purchase an 'Icon Live Pass' today, which gives them access not only to ticket & VIP Package pre-sales, but also a free membership to Icon, the official Madonna fan club, access to a tour devoted forum and an exclusive tour gift. Fans who are already registered simply need to upgrade their account with the Icon Live Pass on

In North America, Citi® cardmembers will be eligible for a presale opportunity beginning Thursday, Sept. 17th at 10am through Friday, September 18th at 5pm.In Asia, Citi® cardmembers will have access to a pre-sale opportunity in Taipei, Bangkok & Hong Kong.

Jan 06 - Mexico City, MX - Sports Palace - Details to follow
Jan 10 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center - On Sale Sept 21
Jan 12 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center - On Sale Sept 21
Jan 14 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center - On Sale Sept 21
Jan 16 - Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center - On Sale Sept 21
Jan 18 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena - On Sale Sept 21

Feb 04 - Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei Arena - On Sale Sept 26
Feb 09 - Bangkok, Thailand - Impact Arena - On Sale Oct. 3
Feb 13 - Tokyo, Japan - Saitama Arena - On Sale Oct 10
Feb 17 - Hong Kong - Asia World Arena - On Sale Sept 25
Feb 20 - Macau - Studio City Event Center - Details to follow
Feb 21 - Macau - Studio City Event Center - Details to follow


Tour tickets for dates already onsale or sold-out shows can also be purchased through

On ‘Rebel Heart’ tour stop, Madonna doesn’t miss a beat

A Madonna concert in 2015 raises a host of questions: Is new album 'Rebel Heart' any good? Amid the Beyonces, Taylors, Mileys and Gagas, where is Madonna’s place in pop music? After three decades in the spotlight, does Madonna still have it?

The moment Madonna’s show started Saturday night at Verizon Center, those questions and more went out the window, a defenestration the Catholicism-obsessed queen of pop would appreciate. Surrounded by a phalanx of centurions (her dancers in their first get-up) and backed by a full band and three monstrous screens, Madonna descended from above in a cage and sang the first of the night’s many self-affirming songs, 'Iconic.' 'I’m starting a revolution,' she told the crowd. 'Are you with me?'

For the capacity crowd, the answer was a resounding yes, even if the question is a bit dubious. Although 'Rebel Heart' grabs at current pop sounds with both hands - a Diplo beat here, a Nicki Minaj verse there - the album feels anything but revolutionary. That didn’t seem to matter for her fans, the ones who grew up on her ’80s and ’90s hits, the ones dressed as bulls and matadors or 'Like a Virgins' and 'Material Girls.' Madonna has no illusions about the age of her audience, teasing an eager fan, 'I remember you, baby - you’ve been following me around for three decades.'

The concert seemed crafted to blow away those fans, ones who have seen her dazzling live shows before. Her latest show is an astonishing spectacle that draws from Cirque du Soleil, '300,' the Chinese New Year, 'Grease' and - as always - Catholic imagery. After all these years, religion remains Madonna’s hottest button, and she continues to find new ways to make blasphemy sexy. Re-creating the Last Supper as a bacchanalia? Dancers clad in lingerie and nuns’ habits, using crucifixes to pole dance? It may be harder to shock and titillate in 2015, but that hasn’t stopped Madonna from trying.

To read the rest of the review visit:

Madonna fan demonstrates what he can do with a banana

Give a fan a banana on stage and they might surprise you with their next move.

That's exactly what happened at Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour on Thursday (September 10) in Montreal.

During her performance of 'Unapologetic Bitch', Madonna brought a male fan on stage to dance with her. But it wasn't until after the performance that the pop icon was left briefly speechless.

Madonna gave her fan a banana as a prize for joining her on stage, which he immediately shoved in his mouth. Madonna looked stunned while her back-up dancers laughed and the audience cheered.

'Well, I guess you know what to do with that banana,' she joked.

'Washington D.C. Shine your light on me!'

Madonna shared on her Instagram page these pictures and her thoughts from the third concert of the Rebel Heart Tour that took place in Washington DC last night:

'Washington D.C. Shine your light on me ❤ ‪#‎rebelhearttour'


'Getting Hitched in D.C 💘💘💘 ‪#‎willyoumarryme‬ ❤ ‪#‎rebelheartour'


'First show in America!! Thank you D.C. ❤ ‪#‎rebelhearttour'


'Living For Love in D.C. ❤ ‪#‎rebelhearttour‬'


Rebel Heart Review: 'I think we knew we were making a special moment for her....'

madonnalicious reader Paul shares his thoughts from the opening night of the Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal and some videos and his favourite picture from the night:


I don't even know what to write. Not easy to describe. I've seen her on four world tours but this was, by total chance, the first time I'd seen opening night.
By shear luck I had already bought these tickets as it was the closest date to my home (Ottawa Canada). So I got to experience this amazing opening night because M changed the dates around and feel very lucky and grateful.
The energy was indescribable. She was so full of joy. The audiences reaction after she sang La Vie En Rose was absolutely incredible. We all lost our minds. I think we also knew that we were making a special moment for her and not just her creating moments for us (for once). She was so visibly touched.
I think that the crowd had that reaction to something she did, just her and the stage, made all the difference. This wasn't acrobats. Not her vogueing in a cone bra. Not pyrotechnics or special effects. Just her raw with a song. I think she really appreciated that.

Anyway I could go on and on lol. Here are the videos I posted. I put the most effort into the show opener and it is the most complete video but they are all good fun. As you can see my seats weren't amazing but that didn't matter. Plus they do give a good overview shot.

Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour starts beating at the Bell Centre

In an uncharacteristically unadorned segment around two-thirds into the kickoff of her Rebel Heart Tour, Wednesday at the Bell Centre, Madonna announced she was 'going to sing a little song here on my guitar - back to where it all began.'

Before she could spark a flamenco-tinged Who’s That Girl, a fan’s interjection caught her ear. 'Yes, I know I played drums first. But who can see you behind the drums? I’m a Leo. We like to be the centre of attention.'

So she’s still self-aware. And in a spare-no-expense theatrical spectacle that artfully flowed from showstopper to showstopper, she proved once again that she doesn’t just crave the spotlight - she owns it.

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Madonna and Diplo make cameo at DJ set by Arcade Fire's Win Butler

Madonna began her world tour in Montreal this week (September 9), inviting Diplo onstage before joining Arcade Fire's Win Butler during his DJ set in the Canadian city a day later.

Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' tour kicked off on Wednesday, with Diplo (who was a support act at the show) being spanked onstage by the singer and then handed a banana.

On Thursday night, Diplo and Madonna were brought out by Butler during his appearance under the name DJ Window 98 at the Phi Centre in Montreal.