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Madonna Dishes on Her Tour Songs, Grills, and What Son Wishes She Did

The Queen of Pop is back and ready for action!

Madonna kicks off the year's biggest world tour, Rebel Heart, in Montreal on Sept. 9. The singer, 56, has been preparing for the trek by 'working late and sleeping late,' adding that working has turned into a 'vicious cycle.'

So, what can we expect from Madonna this time around?

The 'Vogue' hitmaker admitted to including dancing nuns on stripper poles! 'Oops, so I guess the cat's out of the bag,' she told Andy Cohen, who guest-edited this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. 'I just like the juxtaposition,' she adds. 'I'm very immersed in deconstructing the concept of sexuality and religion and how it's not supposed to go together, but in my world it goes together.'

Madonna continued, explaining that deciding on her set list was 'tricky.' She shared that she is more excited about her newer work because 'I haven't done it yet, and it's fresh.' Nevertheless, she realizes that many of her fans would be there for the older songs, confessing that 'Dress You Up,' 'Who's That Girl,' 'Vogue,' and 'Holiday' will all be included in the stacked performance.

'When I first started writing music, I was a young girl, and I didn't write about very deep things,' she added. 'Now I do. That's why a lot of times I have to take the songs and turn them inside out and make them more ironic than straightforward, so that they work for me.'

The 'mother hen' to her 'stage baes' even chimed in on singing with a grill. It's safe to say she will leave her grills at home.

'It's really hard to sing with a grill in your mouth,' she shared from experience. 'You end up lisping, and putting your teeth together is actually essential to singing well. So as much as I love a grill, it probably won't be in my mouth when I'm singing.'

After discussing the tour in detail, Madonna opened up about what her elder son, Rocco, wished she did.

'My 14-year-old son is absolutely not satisfied with all my accomplishments,' she added. 'He just wants me to cook for him. I'm like, 'Okay, I'll get to that. I promise you, when this tour's over with, I'm gonna cook for you.''



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'When I first started writing music, I was a young girl, and I didn't write about very deep things,' she added. 'Now I do.

Listening to some of the lyrics on MDNA and Rebel Heart (and I love Rebel Heart, btw), I can't say I can see many deep lyrics or subjects, M!


Why are we rehashing the same article over again? If there's no Madonna news leave it at that, but you're just repeating yourself at this point.

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