Books: 'New York Polaroids 1976-1989'
Madonna on the cover of Interview magazine


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Excited about the tour; M's constant use of "bitches" is boring now, though.


We also have tickets for Janet Jackson in Feb, but I have to say, the clips I saw of her tour were very underwhelming. It seems her new Prince has her covered from head to toe and she only wears one outfit the entire night. The staging looked lackluster as well. We're still going, I just hope she amps it up for the second leg. And I know for a fact Madonna won't let us down. I bet this show is so spectacular it blows the socks off the entertainment world. This woman set the precedence for how pop stars tour and she's still the leader of the pack. Like Sheryl Crow said, "Madonna is the speedboat, the rest of us women in music are just the Go-Go's on waterskis!"

Rebel Fart

I heard some of the dancers quit.
Let's hope the show can go on.

M. use

OMG ! I pinch myself ! singing along listening to the new tunes :) looking foward to it! thursday 10th on the floor P38 :) Yayyy!

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