Madonna's Instagram: '50 Shades of grey dressing room!'
Madonna's Instagram: 'Banda is a Boss!'

Philippines, are you ready for Madonna?

A source told CNN Philippines Digital early Thursday that promoters of Madonna's highly-anticipated Rebel Heart Tour have included Manila in the concert's Australia and Asia legs.

The one and only pop goddess, known for the hits such as 'Like a Virgin' and 'Material Girl,' will perform for two successive nights in her #MadonnaInManila concert set February 2016 at the 12,000-seater Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena in Pasay City.

The Manila leg is not yet officially included in the #RebelHeartTour website pending a formal announcement of the Madonna in Manila 2016 Concert details this month.

The 56-year-old pop icon will kick off her tour this September in Canada and continues throughout North America and UK/Europe.

From CNN Philippines


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Mel Hasmen

this is the very first time in the Philippines , finally their dreams come true. The Queen of Pop is coming to Manila!!!!


I'm so curious what this tour entails. Something tells me less dance and more siting and jamming, i mean, how is it possible to rehearse and prepare for a tour for only 2 months! All her previous tours has been 6 months rehearsals and preparations. I really hope this one being her last will under Live Nation will be a bang!


Asia, you very lucky.The Queen is comming.having fun!


of course she is going to Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, this is her last tour under her contract with Live Nation. They are gonna work her ass off for every last dollar they can get.

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