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Madonna’s longtime publicist set to retire

Madonna relied on her, so did Cher.

Now, ever-quotable p.r. queen Liz Rosenberg exclusively tells us she’s abdicating her throne to retire.

'I think two centuries is long enough, don’t you?' quipped Rosenberg, who’s also repped Michael Bublé and Stevie Nicks and worked with Prince, Rod Stewart, Carly Simon and Ashford & Simpson.

Madonna portrayed her on 'SNL' in 1992 - 'the good ol’ days,' Rosenberg recalled.

She launched Liz Rosenberg Media in 2010 after nearly 40 years at Warner Bros. Records.

'It reminds me not to take it all too seriously,' Rosenberg said of her look - regularly wearing bunny ears on starry red carpets.

She’s looking forward to an extended break, but, 'I’m going to consult, advise and protect my peeps from the likes of Page Six forever. I love them too much to do otherwise,' she said. 'On a serious note, these people are part of my family. I could never step away completely. I envision myself like Sue Mengers, doing my work from a round bed with a lot of lip-shaped pillows.'

Her firm’s logo was a pair of lips - with a trace of smudged lipstick.

From Page Six / New York Post



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so briefly after the album release and just shortly before she embarking her next tour. something's not quite right here...


agree @ Tracy--great name by the way lol!!! Guy is not doing a great job--ive never really liked him--he seems to have just run M's career into the ground!! just read that 'bitch im madonna' has charted at no.84!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( x


totally agree


Liz has served M brilliantly and some of her comments over the years have been pure gold. Let's hope M gets a strong replacement - after all, Mr. Oseary doesn't seem to be that bothered with managing M's career effectively these days.

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