'Bitch I'm Madonna' video premieres on Tidal


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Lee J

Let's be honest: not only is the song infantile, the title is just puerile. Queen Madge is now like sad old Aunty dancing badly at a wedding.


HUGE Madonna fan here, but she really does seem to have lost her way since Confessions, both professionally and personally. There used to be so much buzz and anticipation about a Madonna release: now her songs don't even really bother the mainstream charts, Very sad.

Tri Minh

This is one of the WORST Madonna songs ever. It should have been on the cutting room floor and rather than promoted. She needs to stop trying to be trendy like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, etc.


She is a HOT MESS lately... she has lost it.


Yeah this album, tour, videos seem like a mess to me. Leaked. Then early release but songs changed. Tour announced then changed. And ticket prices...well it's beyond ridiculous. Video to be released then changed. Sadly the least played album I have, but I was hopeful. Perhaps next album will be a better one.


you makes the best videos


What's with all the other bitches???


Starring the Devils Daughters. I can already smell the sulfur.


Now it says it will be released tomorrow!?!? Are you kidding me? Who does she have working for her? Might be time to fire some people!


The Devils daughters

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