Cyndi signs as Madonna for fans


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the song is sucks but i think the video has be amazing

Rob K

She has a lot of good will from the younger stars. She's a businesswoman, and good will is this intangible part of any business that does not translate to a monetary amount on a spreadsheet. But it does further the business. Madonna knows this -- she's a canny businesswoman. Cameos will abound, and they will be drivers for views on YouTube. Madonna's base fans may not stream YouTube videos like the current Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Nikki Minaj and Katy Perry fans. But this is the new model for launching a top 40 hit in the U.S. I hope Miley Cyrus is in the video (she has an enormous fan base). Younger audiences will stream in order to see their favorite singers. These "views" will translate to sales and drive iTunes. Older fans may not "love" this song, but it's the song where Madonna is most likely to crack the Hot 100, given it's current formula for recognizing "hits." I'm not saying that fans won't stream to see Madonna. They will. But the volumes required favor fans who view smartphones as a necessary appendage.


Looks like a kickass video! Can't wait!!!

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