Madonna brings star power, children to new video
Amy Schumer to open Madonna's New York shows


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Are you kidding with the above comments? This video is F---ing awesome! Fun song thanks to Diplo (with exceptional production by the way) and now a super fun video to compliment it. Lots of intricacies with regard to the long takes and highly choreographed scenes. And can we talk about how in shape, how gorgeous, how great of a performer this woman is? At 62, she basically qualifies as an Olympian. I challenge anyone even half her age to pull off as such a solid live performance, with the same level of endurance, as BIM was on Fallon. And still be able to sing on time, in tune, and have enough air to speak to Fallon after the performance? Yeah right. Good luck. You're all showing your bitter age and taking it out on someone who can still entertain at 62 better than anyone else out there.

Bummed out she's not sitting in a rocking chair humming "Lucky Star"? Come on!

The bottom line is this is the last great force of an era of multi-talented performers; individuals who entered the business when you had to have more than one thing to offer (sorry Kardashians). And she still, STILL, delivers! There are few people who are recognizable in all parts of the world and Madonna has earned her place of notoriety. So pay some respect.

Can't wait to see this Bitch in concert. Will be epic!


Why NOT release "Joan of Arc", Madonna???
Bitch, whatchu thinkin'?!


It's over.

Tri Minh

This video is as shameful as the song is ridiculous. There was way too much hype about it. It's sad to see Madonna this way. Also pathetic is that she needs to bring in Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, etc to seem relevant. I agree that Confessions was her last innovative album. She is long past her heyday. I would rather see Madonna retire with grace than see her make ludicrous songs like this one or "Give me all your luv."


nice video madonna.Good for you

Steve from Tropical Nth Qld

The worst Madonnal track and video ever. As a true fan for 30 years, I felt compelled to make a comment about this clip and song. I am not sure who she is trying to copy but if it is the current crop of trashy artist she has well and truely achieved it. So disappointed m I in the clip and the album I will not be going to her concert. I have waited 23 years for her to bring her tour back to Australia, so many great albums and concerts promoting great music and she finally honours Australia with her worst production ever.
Sorry it's a sad day for true Madonnal fans clip and album.

Jesse S Minneapolis

I'm not a fan with all the references to herself in her music lately. From "GMAYL" and "I don't give a" on MDNA to several of the tracks on her new album, Madonna seems all to pleased to talk about the importance of herself in her music. Having complained about this, I have to admit I like this song. Mainly because of Diplo, though. The music is fantastic, the song is playful and energetic. And I love the video. Well.. most of it. I love that its so colorful, and I love that they used the concept from her Tonight Show performance. I think she looks great, too. However, I will echo what others have said: The cameos are disappointing. Not that I don't mind cameos. But these seem half-*ssed. The majority of them don't even appear to have shown up on set. Its just sudden face shots of people mouthing the title. These are poorly edited into the video, they tear you away from the fact that this video is essentially one long camera shot - which is pretty cool. Madonna doesn't need celebrity cameos, and I think she knows that. But if you're going to do it, at least go all the way.
Final thought, I don't think this was Madonna's attempt to be relevant, as others have suggested, and I don't think she's lost her edge. Her edginess has always been due to her personality and her politics anyways, not the music itself (in my opinion). My guess is Madonna had other artists lip syncing the title to illustrate that she thinks these artists embody that same personality trait that she considers "Madonna-ish".. in other words, she thinks of them as rebel hearts too. Because, we all know the last thing Madonna thinks about is "Will this make me more popular", even though that's constantly what she is accused of thinking.


Agree Neal. Feels like it's mostly now to be annoying...feel like there has been some missed opportunities the last number of albums. I've been progressively disappointed in the music...from albums hard candy...mdna...rebel hard. I think I can find about enough material from each to make a good album. Didn't hate them, just not great coherent pieces of work. When I look back at ray of light...erotica...confessions..and any early album..they all felt complete. I remember when older albums were released and I longed for more songs....of late we get more songs over multiple versions of the album and it really never strings together. I've rambled. I hope she regains better focus and releases some great albums in the future.


Sloppy video I must say. It's a shame to see her losing her way in trying to be relevant. Trying to be cutting edge is one thing, but I feel she has lost her artistic integrity in trying to prove a point. She has struggled after confessions, but never thought I would get this bad. I wonder if she ever considered the fact that being sexy my have more than one definition.


I used to hate BIM but now love both the song and the video! However, tend to agree with the comments made on another post here that she's lost her cutting edge. I don't know whether it's got something to do with Guy and presumably it does but think it's time to start going into a completely different direction. Well, let's hope that will be the case with the next album.

In any case looking terribly forward to the tour. It is going to be a blast!!


i want to like this video, but I don't.
it seems like she's trying to hard and slipped in a bunch of stars to get hits. The artistic value that Madonna has, is not there.



Man. What can I say. I love Madonna. Have for years and years. I adore her. But this sucks. She is awesome but this is totally beneath her and her talent. How do you go from Ghost Town, which was an awesome video, to this high school project?


Either madonna's gapped teeth have gotten wider or she's missing a front tooth...
Great video, though! (̶◉͛‿◉̶)


kinda fun, love the brilliant color it is filmed in. Hope it does well. this song makes me move to the beat every time. na na na na na..... On another subject I thought she was supposed to announce her Australian and Asia tour dates a couple of weeks ago. And if she ends up blowing off Australia again that will not be good....

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