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Avicii Reveals Butting Heads With Madonna, But Denies Dissing Her

In a new interview with the U.K. S Daily Star, the 25-year-old deejay and music producer Avicii recalls butting heads with the 56-year-old 'Living for Love' singer when they worked on the track together months and months ago.

'At the beginning we were all on the same page and then...I wasn't....happy with the final product,' he said.

Avicii's version of the song leaked early. He says he still prefers his version over the final cut Madonna eventually released. 'I thought it was better. It was more me,' he said.

Despite butting heads, Avicii isn't on a mission to diss the Queen of Pop. After the Daily Star published their article with the original headline 'Madonna ruined my track: Avicii slams the Queen of Pop,' the deejay quickly took to social media to blast the tabloid

And it worked! The site softened their headline to 'LISTEN: ‘My demos were better' Hear Avicii on Madonna's latest album.' Avicii thanked the Daily Star for correcting their story. 'Thank you @daily_star for correcting the headline - and rest of article - after hearing the actual audio recording of the interview!' he wrote on Instagram.

Good to know there's no bad blood here.

Meanwhile, Avicii did reveal to the Daily Star who he would like to work with next. 'I'd love to work with Adele and Rihanna,' he said. 'I'm super excited for Rihanna's record, I haven't heard any of it yet either. She is one of the most talented artists of our time.'

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Jesse S Minneapolis

I have to say, Madonna made some tough but sound decisions with what version to use on RH. The leaked demo of Wash All Over Me isn't half as good as the final album version. The demo sounds like a million other EDM dance tracks flooding iTunes these days, nothing special about it. Its frenetic and feels rushed, like a bad club mix of a ballad. But the album version adds a weight to the lyrics, making it one of her more lush and heartfelt slow jams in over a decade. Puts MDNA's "Masterpiece" to shame.


i never listened to any of the leaked sons, waiting instead for the final version. After hearing alot of people saying that they liked the demos better i searched them out and listened to them. I have to say there is not one of the demos that I think is better than the album version. The upbeat demo of Wash all over Me is by far the worst of the demos. The lush quiet of the album version is more suited to the lyrics. It is a beautiful song, and other than a few tweaks here and there Rebel Heart is pretty similar in sound to the demo. I don't understand the complaining. I adore the Rebel Heart album and it has become my second favorite Madonna album behind Ray of Light. In my opinion she will never be able to top that album, but I have enjoyed every album from her. Now I think her social media has been a mess and she should stay away from it because I feel that it sort of takes away the mystery and pulls back the curtain way too much. It has not been her friend, and I think she needs to begin cleaning house among her team because they are steering her in all the wrong directions, from the botched video releases to the rescheduling of the first 3 tour dates (mine in Atlanta among the 3 and I'm not happy about that) to the premiering of the Bitch I'm Madonna video exclusive to Tidal for the first 24 hours. Excuse me but I am not about to pay for a streaming service just to see a video. I can wait till it is on youtube. I support her in many ways by buying the tour merchandise from her official site, buying a copy of all three versions of the cd and paying top dollar for the tour, but I am not about to pay to see the video. Alot of mistakes have been made but I know she shall recover and the tour will be spectacular. It's just now I have to wait until January, what a bummer.


@tracy: I was naughty too tracy & I agree with you- many of the demos are better! I prefer the uptempo version of "wash all over me"; "rebel heart" (4:00 minute version); "Queen"...


If he thinks Rihanna's talented, he's not someone I would respect the opinion of. I suspect he's just gagging for some work from her.


"Avicii's version of the song leaked early. He says he still prefers his version over the final cut Madonna eventually released. 'I thought it was better. It was more me,' he said. "

The quote in the article where he says "It was more me" - that is exactly why it wasn't released like that then dumb arse! It's a Madonna album not an Avicii album, :/


I was very naughty & listened to tracks from rebel heart when they were leaked---& to be honest (& some friends agree too)--I prefer quite a few of the unfinished versions to the finished versions.sometimes you can just keep messing--& its too polished--as with anything.just my

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