'Bitch I'm Madonna' video on Vevo!
Madonna: Channelling Led Zeppelin

Amy Schumer to open Madonna's New York shows

When little Amy Schumer sang along to Madonna’s Like A Virgin as a young girl, she could hardly have known she would one day open for Madge herself.

Amy, star of sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, will be the opening act for the Queen of Pop at three shows in New York in September.

And she revealed the news by sharing a home video clip of herself as a little girl, performing the 1985 hit song Like A Virgin to camera. She asked her followers: 'Guess who auditioned for @Madonna and got the part? See you in NYC on Sept 16, 17 and 19.'

The comedian, who has recently starred in Trainwreck, will most likely perform jokes rather than any classic hits.

Madonna released the video for her new single, Bitch I’m Madonna, on Tidal on June 17 and elsewhere Thursday.

Madonna expressed her excitement at Amy’s involvement, joking that she hoped people would stay and watch her own performance afterwards: 'I'm shaking with excitement that @AmySchumer is opening up for me in New York! I hope people will stay after & watch my show!! #RebelHeartTour'

From SNAP.PA Via Yahoo! News


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Oh Lord, I find her to be one of the unfunniest people out there. I just don't understand the hype and the movie trailer is horrible.

Rob K

This is a big deal. Amy Schumer has a movie coming out this summer called "Trainwreck." She was on "The Bachelorette." She was the one on the receiving end of Tina Fey's recent "vampiric" kiss, mocking Madonna's and Britney's famed kiss. Madonna is reaching out to America's funniest women. Even if they've made her the backhand subject of their jokes. Great move.


Love Amy. Love Madonna. They are perfect together. Too bad I don't go to Madonna concerts any more. They never start on time :(

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