Madonna moves into her Bridgehampton mansion
First Five Dates of Rebel Heart Tour Rescheduled

Madonna's Instagram: 'Goin on a safari!'

Madonna posted a series of pictures on her Instagram page showing off her pink tips and shouting out a message to the haters:

'Goin on a safari! ‪#‎bitchimmadonna‬'


'Right up to the roof top! ‪#‎bitchimmadonna‬ 💘‪#‎rebelheart'


'Shut up jealous bitches! I hope you are as fun loving and adventurous as me when you're my age!!!! Hahahhahaha let's see 👻👍🔛🐔🐔🐔🏂 ‪#‎bitchimmadonna‬ ❤ ‪#‎rebelheart‬'



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Madonna you´re great and I really don´t care what people say against you. I love the artist in you, I really appreciate your work, I admire your career, and I´m waiting the shows for South America.
Heaters??? Who are they... insignificant people who don´t have a life, people who would love to be in your shoes. Love and peace make you a great person, a happy person meanwhile hating makes you feels like a real shit.


Quit taking selfies and get your tour in order.


Sadly, M, it is YOU who is coming across as the 'hater' these days... You always seem so full of anger and spite. Chill, lady!

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