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Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness Expands Into Licensing

Madonna is expanding her Hard Candy Fitness empire with a new merchandising deal.

The Material Girl hitmaker has eight boutique gym locations around the world and she is now partnering up with her manager Guy Oseary and bosses at New Evolution Ventures and Epic Rights to expand the brand into retail products, according to Billboard.com.

Head of Epic Rights' Celebrity & Lifestyle division Dan Levin says, 'We wanted to bring the brand to the public so if they never have a chance to join a Hard Candy Fitness club, you can still experience the Hard Candy Fitness workout wherever you are, and have the best-in-class tools. As Madonna is to music, pop culture and fashion, we believe Hard Candy Fitness will be the preeminent symbol for a fit, healthy and luxury-infused lifestyle.'

Epic Rights will reveal more details to potential partners at the 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas June 9 to 11.

The singer is also looking to expand her fitness centres into Asia and the U.S. in 2016.

From contactmusic.com


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I agree guys. I was hoping to see at least 2-3 gyms in London. Nowhere to be found.


I thought much the same before I read your post, Tracy!


Let's be honest here - after all these years, 8 gyms is hardly a runaway success story, is it? When you consider the size of the fitness industry, this is nothing more than a vanity "project.

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