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Madonna Was Nearly Arrested 25 Years Ago Today

Anyone who's watched Madonna's revealing 1991 documentary Truth or Dare remembers the unforgettable scene where Madonna, despite warnings of arrest from local police, simulates masturbation while singing 'Like a Virgin' on her Blond Ambition Tour.

Today, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of that unusual Canadian controversy.

On May 29, 1990, Madonna was preparing to take the stage for the third night at Toronto's SkyDome on her Blond Ambition Tour. Right around that time, her crew received a visit from officers who threatened to arrest the Queen of Pop for her salacious onstage simulation. Christopher Ciccone, who was assisting his sister on tour at the time, relayed the message to Madonna, explaining 'a representative from the D.A.'s office' was worried about her 'immoral live performance.'

Her response? 'I’m not changing my fucking show.'

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It was staged. Christopher Ciccone confirmed what I already knew. So was the Vatican ban because ticket sales were poor.

Ron D

I was at the first and third shows in Toronto and Madonna really toned down the show significantly for the later show. I had told my group of friends, whom I was seeing the 3rd show with, that Madonna masterbated on stage and put her fingers inside her undies and that that part of the performance was unbelievable (at the time). On the third night, when the crowds did not know the police were in attendance or a complaint against her performance was lodged, Madonna barely touched herself. She really played that incident up for the documentary. The Truth or Dare video of "Like a Virgin" was from the European leg of the show and not the Toronto show as evidenced by her hair style (curls vs poney tail). Still an amazing show but she wasn't very ballsy when the police were in the fasciast state of Toronto!


I was at that show. It's so odd to think of Toronto that way. We are a very progressive city... you can hang out (literally) at a big clothing optional beach in the summer, smoke a joint on the sidewalk (cops just walk by), marry anyone of any gender without anyone saying a word about it (other than 'congratulations!'), and so on. We have one of the biggest Pride celebrations on the planet. Yea, we had that tragic 5 years of Rob Ford, but he still couldn't put a wrench in our liberty and fun. Just seems soon bizarre that Madonna would be taken to task like that...I really think the cops were playing for the cameras and it was hyped. Anyway, clearly Madonna got over her tiff with TO as she has been here many, many times since and even launched ROL here (I interviewed her at the pressie). Despite what happened way back when, come to Toronto and touch any part of yourself! ;-)


wow!!! where have those 25 years gone!!! I loved this era :) radio one broadcast the London show live--I was there & my mom was at home recording it for me--absolutely mortified!!!!! Madonna said the word 'f**k' over & over,lol!!!! then when my mom saw a clip of the 'like a virgin' performance I thought she was going to keel over!!!!! my dad was just mom always referred to M as 'that trollop' lol!!! who was here just to corrupt us youngsters!! its only been in the last 10 years that shes realised how bloody amazing she is--& that at the age of 43--ive actually turned out ok,lol!!! I don't devil worship & I don't sleep with everything that moves,lol!!! xxxx

kiki carmita

I saw that show, she also says in the intro in EY, instead of "do you believe in love" says "I just wanna know one thing toronto , DO U believe in artist expression and freedom of speech? cuz i got somethin to say about it!!" which is awesom!

and the truth or dare cameras i believe were there that night also.




I saw her tour 1990 in youtube and i think it was not very good and i expected more.The last 3 tours was fantastic,excellent and magic.
I wait you,madonna,in Paris.

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