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Madonna Makes History With 45th Billboard No. 1

The Queen of Pop reigns with 'Ghosttown,' giving her the most No. 1s of any artist on a single Billboard chart. 'Thanks to all my fans on & off the dancefloor,' she tells Billboard.

The Queen of Pop is now unequaled chart royalty. Madonna makes momentous Billboard chart history, as she now has the most No. 1s ever, 45, by an act on a singular Billboard chart. She earns her 45th No. 1 on Dance Club Songs, where 'Ghosttown' lifts 3-1.

(The chart, dated May 30, will refresh on Thursday, May 21.)

With the coronation, Madonna passes another icon, George Strait, who's logged 44 No. 1s on Hot Country Songs.

'Thanks to all my fans on and off the dancefloor,' Madonna said in an exclusive statement to Billboard. 'I'll (always) be your partner.'

With her 45th leader on Dance Club Songs, which measures reports submitted by a national sample of club DJs, Madonna pulls further ahead of runners-up Beyonce and Rihanna. In fact, Madonna has tallied more No. 1s as they have combined: 22 each. (The chart launched as a national survey in the Billboard issue dated Aug. 28, 1976.)

Madonna bests Strait (still, and always, the King of Country), who's sent 44 singles to No. 1 on Hot Country Songs between 1982 and 2009. He first reigned with 'Fool Hearted Memory' (Aug. 28, 1982) and most recently ruled with 'River of Love' (April 18, 2009).



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Madonna's best song for a decade but, in the digital age, this chart is largely irrelevant. In fact, was a chart based on DJ spins rather than sales EVER truly relevant? No.


If anyone else...especially a male 'legend' had achieved this accolade, more fuss would have been made of it. Definitely a case of sexism n the old anti-madonna mindset of so many in the popular press. This is a huge achievement n that should have been more prominently acknowledged; irrespective of whether one is a madonna fan or not.


The remixes are now available on iTunes. I purchased them last night.


I was driving back to Indianapolis from North Carolina and I actually heard 'Ghosttown' on the radio and could not believe it. And what's more, I heard it in WEST VIRGINIA of all places. Why it's not a hit is beyond passenger even said 'this song is so gorgeous, I can't believe it's not getting more play'.

leonardo Girardi

Madonna, what can I say ?. I have beeng your most liable fan for more than 20 years and now I am crying for happiness.
I perfectly knew that you can be number one whenever you want, because you are the number one ever. You are the master, and the others, the new singers, your simple followers; cheap copies. Congratulation and I sincerly hope you be able to visit Buenos Aires city again. If it is possible I will be there singing with you "like a prayer" and justifying muy life being with the queen of pop.


Good going Madonna!

Rabbit Bunny

Ghost Town is a lovely Madonna ballad single! If the world ends, Madonna will always be on top!

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