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First Five Dates of Rebel Heart Tour Rescheduled

The opening night of Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour, one of 2015's most highly anticipated shows, has been moved to Wednesday, September 9th in Montreal's Bell Centre. Dates originally scheduled for Miami, Atlanta and San Juan, PR have been moved to January 2016. As confirmed by Live Nation, Madonna's global tour promoter, tickets for previously announced Rebel Heart dates in each of these cities will be honored for newly scheduled dates.

'As my fans already know, the show has to be perfect. Assembling all the elements will require more time than we realized. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause my fans. I can promise you this show will be worth the wait. Can't wait to share it with all my Rebel Hearts out there.' commented Madonna.

Tickets for all previously scheduled performances will be honored at the new dates. Refunds if required will be available at point of purchase.

Miami - American Airlines Arena
Previously scheduled for Saturday August 29th will move to Saturday, January 23rd
Previously scheduled for Sunday, August 30th will move to Sunday, January 24th

Atlanta - Philips Arena
Previously scheduled for Wednesday, September 2nd will move to Wednesday, January 20th

San Juan - PR - Coliseo de Puerto Rico
Previously scheduled for Saturday, September 5th will move to Wednesday, January 27th
Previously scheduled for Sunday, September 6th will be moved to Thursday, January 28th



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I feel so bad for those who have not only bought tickets, but have also booked flights, hotels, arranged time off from work, etc. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the reason for this cancellation/rescheduling is school/college vacations. Bet M is photographed on vacation in the Med somewhere right up until when the tour was originally due to start...

I agree with Louanna - M mucks the fans around way too much now.


@ justin. Yes. Just an honest one. Not a Stan...

Michael J. Hildebrand

I have opening night tickets in Miami, oh, I mean, I HAD tickets... pretty annoyed by the unprofessionalism of planning a tour, selling tickets and then rescheduling the first shows.




madonna always give to her fans the best shows ever. new stage, new songs and perfect night, your money desert for a high art performance. viva madonna


thankfully--im actually getting to see her near where I live--but I completely sympathise with the pissed off fans who have had to book travel & hotels.i always have to travel & stay over-so this time is a blessing--& a very rare thing!!! it costs a fortune for tickets alone--so they have every right to be angry--hopefully they might be able to change the dates on their hotels/flights etc.fingers crossed for you


Feel sorry for all you guys who had booked tickets for one of first 5 shows. There was me thinking december was a long time away! (Got tickets for u.k show in birmingham) am sure it will be worth the wait though!!

Chris Bills

I was looking forward to the opening of the tour being here in Miami. I was gonna go to the 2nd show because I know some kinks will be worked out from the first night. Now we are on the complete other side of the tour. Ugh!!! I wanted everything to be a surprise. I know me,now i will see most of the tour online before it even gets here. Ugh again!! The temptation of watching videos from the show will be too tempting. Still a fan,but very disappointed. How can she not be ready? She's!?!?!


whoopss.. i wanna correct what i said about MDNA tour it was super good I love it better than Sticky and Sweet its just the FIRST show of MDNA tour so many things got fucked up. The tour got better as it progressed... Also, I hope her Madgesty will tell the truth what really went wrong with the rescheduling of the first 5 shows. She can even say because of Astrology instead of being vague about it.

ps: I am not sure Guy Oseary should still be Her manager. He seemed not focus on the Hands that feed him and his family...

Chris Bills

Not happy here in Miami....NOT HAPPY!!!


Just seems odd that four months before the tour kickoff, before the dancers have been hired, she knows she needs one more week to pull the show together. Weird. We have awesome seats in Boston, so I'm glad that show didn't get moved. Hope it's great because I wasn't in love with the last two shows, especially Sticky & Sweet - she definitely phoned in that tour. MDNA would have been better if I liked even one song on that record. Good thing I like about 75% of this record! I hope it's amazing as it's my last time shelling out the cash to see her. :-)


OMG! OMG! OMG! Thank the universe for my last second change of (rebel) heart. As I was booking my pre-sale vip tickets thanks to madonnalicious who's the only fan site that reminded us fans about signing up for pre-sale for madonna icon members. Thank you Madonnalicious. I thought i should do the first show, then i thought "maybe i shouldn't cuz the last tour so many things got fucked up on that show when i saw it on youtube" so i decided to go somewhere after her 5th show, hence i booked somewhere in september! Otherwise I would have been of one those b!tches that goes crazy! I can't be in a HeartBreak City.


It's ok...
Being a perfectionist also...I understand...Good things come to those who wait!! Love You Maddy ♡☆ Looking forward to your Detroit show**~Susan Madonna Star


So not good... and nice excuse M... not ready?? When have you not been ready for a tour??
Instead of wasting time dying your hair pink and other distractions... GET INTO REHEARSALS...
I would be pissed... if I bought a ticket and she 'rescheduled'...
BTW... not seeing this tour because the MDNA one sucked... and waiting two hours for her to take to the stage is UNACCEPTABLE.


I am really annoyed. Already booked the flight and hotel for the first Miami show. Hopefully we can get our flight changed without having to pay even MORE money to see M. This is ridiculous.



Always something negative to say. Are you sure you're a fan at all?


And after adding new date in Miami she just cancels it, what a lack of respect.


Are they going to give back money spent in flights already bought to Miami????


of course i'm still going to go. had to vent a little. but i'm still bummed. insert sad face here...


What the F?!?! I see the first show is September 9th. More time is needed? Give me a break. What difference is 10 days going to make?!? I am pissed off! I was soooo excited to be the second date (Atlanta) and now we are pushed back to the end of the tour?!? Again WTF?!?! I am seriously considering getting a refund and not going.


God, I would be PI$$ED if I was going to a show that was rescheduled... and MONTHS ahead, too. I wonder what the REAL reason for this is? Get your act together, M - you sure muck your fans around A LOT now. Fans who pay TOP DOLLAR for your shows.

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