First Five Dates of Rebel Heart Tour Rescheduled
'Vogue' Producer Shep Pettibone's First Interview in 20 Years


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I love the song and the album! Whether it'll be a hit or not remains to be seen! I doubt it will do well due to ageism. However, her tour will top every record she has ever set! There is nobody that does it better than Madonna! All Hail The QUEEN BITCH! #rebelheart #queenofpop


Not one of my fave tracks from the album, but not the worst, either. Personally, I think this will also tank like the first two 'singles' from Rebel Heart. It seems to me now that the radio (and music TV) channels around the world are just against Madonna period. I have been a fan of Madonna from the beginning and I can honestly say I never thought I would see the time would she would have a period where singles/tracks failed to hit at all :-( So, is it the material, or the fact that radio stations have fallen out of love with her? I think a combination of the two.


madonna makes the best videos and she never disappoint you but that song is not very successfull.
Madge you are the best!

Mel Hasmen

Its a great , wise choice. Bitch Im Madonna is gonna be a huge hit . But the video has to be very good, new Dance moves needs to create or invented to get a lot of attention. The last Music Video created a interesting dance moves was Hung Up video and it was massive success for the single and the video. Im not surprised with the result of Ghosttown . -. yet its a good song, well written but the tune gets old quickly, as for Living for Love , again its well written song but the tune is sooooo 90's style.


@ Mark
keeping my fingers crossed that it does get HUGE airplay, I would love to hear her back on top 40 radio again


I don't understand how Ghosttown was not a huge hit. Beautiful, beautiful song with stunning and interesting video. Why didn't it chart? Can someone please answer, I'm honestly puzzled.


Well, dan the man! Ghosttown was her worst selling single of all time and all her fans said this would be the best choice for a single??? seems to me like her fans are more out of touch than Madonna herself! Bitch im Madonna will get huge airplay, its the most downloaded song off the album!


Sometimes I don't understand fans who behave like stupids, pretentious and only judge and criticize a star.
Let me say that Madonna has built a career of successes and failures, as any human being. For 33 years she has remained at the top, without the help of inept fanatic who doesn't appreciate the work of an artist. Only criticism, only demands of what they want, just bullshit.
Madonna is a mega star who now is where is and still remains, its work like it or not.
I love Madonna with his virtues and failures, I love the unreachable star that is. Fans of these days are not like our age who grew up with the Queen of pop.
Madonna continue the best of you without hearing from so many stupid. I have never felt dissapointed!


Madonna please I love "inside out"is one of those songs that I catch your soul, and the you can stop listen to it. That's magnificent song. Could you make a video of it? Love madonna


This is the second worst song on the album being holy water. Madonna, in recent years u let yourself down by picking bad songs as singles. Why don't u show off your songwriting ability in a better light and be the superstar u truly are xx


LOL - First thing I thought when I saw this pic was the Nothing Really Matters video. I guess those wood-tones are forever burned into my memory :)


You know when I heard about a song titled Bitch I'm Madonna I think I actually cringed. I said to myself that I hope it never sees the light of day. Upon hearing it for the first time I was dancing all over the house! When that chorus hits I just can't stop myself. It is one effin hot, current sounding song. I appreciate Rebel Heart for all of the different styles it has. My only complaint about it is that Beautiful Scars and I'm Addicted should have replaced Holy Water and Sex on the deluxe version. I really like the music of Holy Water but the chorus kinda grates on me and S.E.X. is simply a yawn. I really love Hold Tight which I think would have been the best first single in my opinion and would have provided M with a very current sound and would have given her a much more suitable introduction to Rebel Heart with an amazing performance of that song at the Grammys. Oh well..... I know the tour will be spectacular even though I have to wait until January now (Atlanta). I do think Guy Oseary should be gone though, he has not been so good for her.



Tri Minh

This is a song that she never should have released.

Dan the man!

GREAT, just watch..... This single & video will be yet another flop. I've been a huge fan for decades but it's sad to see you sell out soooo very bad. Go back to releasing some ballets similar to you're Ray of Light days!!! It would be nice to see you actually getting some airplay again so please choose you're singles wisely! Best of luck!

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