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Madonna's rep denies star's play texting

Madonna's representative is dismissing reports the singer was not invited backstage at hip-hop stage show Hamilton because she was allegedly caught texting throughout the performance.

The pop superstar was in the audience for a performance of the musical in New York City on Saturday, when she was reportedly called out by star/writer Lin-Manuel Miranda as he hosted a charity auction at the end of the show.

'Tonight was the first time I asked stage management NOT to allow a celebrity (who was texting all through Act 2) backstage #noselfieforyou,' Miranda tweeted

The message was later deleted, but editors at the New York Daily News reported that Miranda was referring to Madonna.

'It's not true. She was invited backstage four different times. She texted post show when they were doing their fundraising pitch. Madonna had already made a generous donation.'

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Thanks for this interesting post, Michael. I recall that M was in similar hot water during the premiere of 12 Years A Slave. A friend of mine also confirmed that during Justin Timberlake's last tour at The O2 in London, M spent most of the evening texting through that, too.


Her rep or Madonna is flat out lying. I have a good friend who was seated right behind her and he commented on how embarrassed he was for her and her constant texting during the show. He was floored that someone of her stature wouldn't understand how tacky and downright rude it is. It's seriously theater 101. It's not some obscure rule that people don't know so he was taken aback by it. BTW - He posted right after the show long before the news broke about this. I even saw the personal post from the stage manager long before the story broke, so she most certainly didn't get back stage and they were most certainly pissed off by her behavior. God I love Madonna but she seems so childish lately.

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