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Madonna: Hooray For Refusing To Turn Your Sexy Off At 56!

Madonna - you’re absolutely right to stay and act as hot to trot as ever in your 50s. Who says that when a woman hits fifty she should shut off her sex appeal? Kiss Drake, show off your thighs, and ignore your age!

Madonna, pay no attention to anyone who tells you to act your age! When they say that, what they’re really telling you is that you should stop being sexy because you’re 56. That’s ridiculous!

You’re a beautiful, brilliant, talented woman who’s in amazing shape. You can still dance your a** off and in fact, you can still dance circles around women and men half your age.

When you surprised Drake onstage with a kiss during your performance together at Coachella on April 12, the internet was abuzz and some commenters were aghast. This was partly because Drake himself was so surprised by your bold move, and his shock was misread as horror.

But Drake, 28, himself has set the record straight and Instagrammed on April 13: 'Don’t misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel 100 about that forever. Thank you @madonna.'

I bet he does feel that way. Madonna is a groundbreaking legend and Drake gets that. She broke open so many doors for female and male popstars with her trendsetting, uninhibited style, behavior and hit records, that every musical star respects her and is in total awe of her.

To read the rest of the article visit: Should Madonna keep her sexy on at 56? Yes No VoteView Results So why should you cover up, shut up and stop acting up, just because of old ideas about what women should be like over 50?


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I can't stand the idea that everyone is created with the right to criticize Madonna by the things made, which should behave as a woman of her age, etc. I'm very angry that people is created with the right to criticize freely. If you really all should behave according to our age, not should the rolling stones behave as older adults yet? Not should the members of kiss stop behaving like teenagers disguised? Do not should be Iggy Pop behave like a grandfather? My question is: human beings have an expiration date which we should disappear from view of the world? If so, as I've read and heard so many people say that Madonna should retire, then demand the same thing that I named above! Please stop fucking in this world of crap where they do men is perfect but if a woman does have to stone her. The mentality of the people makes me sick and even more, pity me the youth of this world to think like the retrograde before. Madonna, please follow shining as always!

Jess Abercrom

Awesome!! I love it! Well said!

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