Madonna's Instagram: 'Big as Madonna!'
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Madonna Gives a Surprise Performance at Coachella!

Madonna is 'Living for Love,' all right. Last month, she revealed to Us Weekly, 'The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake - and only kiss him.' The 56-year-old pop singer turned her fantasy into a reality when she made a cameo during the 28-year-old rapper's Coachella set Sunday and they swapped spit onstage.

It started out innocently enough. Drake introduced his special surprise guest by performing 'Madonna,' a track off his latest album, If You're Reading This It's Too Late. That was Madonna's cue to make her big entrance, of course. She wore a gold grill and black tee emblazoned with 'Big as Madonna,' a line from Drake's song, on her chest. Madonna performed two of her hits, 'Human Nature' and 'Hung Up'

That's when Madonna went in for the kill.

With Drake sitting in a chair, Madonna hovered over him and stuck her tongue down his throat. He rolled with it as she caressed his chest, but when he tried to play with her hair, she pushed his hand away. Cameras caught Drake wiping his mouth and telling the crowd, 'Oh, s--t! What the f--k just happened?'

Madonna then shouted, 'I'm Madonna, bitch!' and left the stage.

The 'Ghosttown' singer made sure to share the makeout moment with her Instagram followers. 'No caption necessary ..........@coachella. #bestnight #bigasmadonna #bitchimmadonna,' Madonna wrote. She also Instagrammed Drake's reaction, writing, 'Dont touch the hair! Lol,' but later deleted the photo.



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@ grrr: hahaha love your comment!! Totally agree!!


But seriously, this was all planned and rehearsed just like the Britney kiss was, so Drake was expecting it.
It just seems that Madonna went a little further down his throat than he wanted. "Eeeek!"


She should have just gave Drake a taste of her Holy Water! ; )


Madonna you are a true rebel heart life can be bs but with you I fight this thing call life with love to all haters who scorn and laugh I walk tall among being different thank you for being bold living life who cares why care about a number one day they'll be there to Im glad they'll sit there waiting for there dog bones and being told good doggy they sat on a porch and lived life being a chair I rather be moving and innovating and being as bold as I came into this world with a yelll and our own decisions


She is a true Rebelheart.


I'm really disgusted with how the media is twisting this situation as Drake being repulsed by Madonna's kiss. Based on his reaction and the way he affectionately tried to grab her hair, one can clearly see he was overcome with emotion that his lips just locked with that of a musical legend.




how sad shes turning into a laughing stock and doesnt even realise it

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