Madonna Makes Her Stand-Up Debut
Madonna and Jimmy Fallon Sing 'Holiday'

Madonna and Diplo Perform 'Bitch I'm Madonna'

The Queen of Pop ruled The Tonight Show on Thursday where she dished out a pumping version of Bitch I’m Madonna, with some help from Diplo.

The performance opened with Madonna backstage putting the finishing touches to her make-up, then busting into Diplo’s dressing room where the party had already started (he's surrounded by ladies, dancing. Of course). Madonna goes into full pelvis-thrusting mode as dance routines erupt in the hallway and into the studio audience where a screaming crowd awaits.

When it's all over, host Jimmy Fallon is on the floor clutching a vinyl copy of Rebel Heart and gasping for breath under a victorious Madonna.

Diplo turned up on five songs across Madonna’s new album. In an interview with Billboard back in December, Madonna discussed working with the in-demand producer and noted that he 'has a very strong voice in the record.'



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It's Amazing! What a gurl can do.

Madonna ! Wow girl, always your A game! Love u.


That was awesome! Not my favorite track on the album but the energy she has is just incredible. A lot of fun and hopefully more folks get to hear just how good an album Rebel Heart is overall.


This is an absolutely brilliant performance! I never liked 'B, I'M' but after this I am absolutely loving it! I pray and hope the album will be an absolute success that it truly deserves!!!!


one of the worst songs ever by anyone.what is she thinking?

Jess Abercrom

Amazing performance ! She's got so much energy it's unbelievable.


This may have been a brilliant move on Madonna's part as Rebel Heart has moved back up the iTunes chart and on Amazon. Well played M. Hopefully the album will continue to grow bigger and bigger!


Wow, Rocco is HOT.


but I am still wondering why she didn't perform Ghosttown considering it is the new single.


other than the grill and one too many chains, loved it!

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