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25 Reasons Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour Still Rules, 25 Years Later

Madonna kicked off her Blond Ambition World Tour on April 13, 1990, 25 years ago this week. Besides offering the world Madonna in her absolute prime - as a performer and as an all-around focus of attention - Blond Ambition changed the pop-culture landscape.

Fans might be surprised to learn that it's not Madonna's highest-grossing tour; Sticky & Sweet, MDNA and The Girlie Show each performed better. And it featured only 57 stops. But it's still hugely important and might have done the most to define Madonna as a music icon - and here are 25 reasons for that.

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Rabbit Bunny

I Never got to see Blonde Ambition when it played at the old Cap Centre in Landover but my fandom with Madonna was just getting started! Highlights included Open Your Heart, Live to Tell, Oh Father, Like a Prayer and finale Keep It Together. When I Saw Truth or Dare, I CRIED in the scene of her mother's grave as Promise to Try played while the audience danced in her head. That I Thought was priceless. I Began seeing, feeling and hearing Madonna in a new Ray of Light and showed that I also had a Rebel Heart like Madonna! 25 years later, I still feel that way about Madonna and to quote Van Morrison
-for both of us-Madonna and me-it's too late to stop now! Love Madonna!


@Victor--she was tiny---it was 1990 though,not 94--awesome memory--very fortunate xxx


Tracey, oh wow! I saw Madonna jogging with her bodyguard at Hyde Park too. It was 04 July 1994. I was on the rollerblade heading opposite direction to Madonna. I heard she chuckle about something.... it was awesome. She's a tiny frame in real life. She's beautiful.


Saw BA live in Dallas! It was an absolute game changer as far as pop music shows go. Groundbreaking and daring and a lot of fun to boot!


I saw this at Wembley--I was a few rows from the front!! a fabulous view. it was outstanding-it was also broadcast live on radio 1!!! I honestly thought my mom was going to have heart attack (she was at home recording it for me) it was my first time in london-& my first Madonna gig---we were fortunate to see her earlier in the day too--she ran right by us in hyde park.she was happy & smiling & the show was just absolutely amazing.i will never forget it ;) xx


totally, Blond ambition did changed the pop-culture landscape in every shape and form.


Virgin Tour and Blond Ambition Tour are two of my fav all time. Truth or Dare was also a bomb. As for other tours they are not so good to sit thru the second time around. Which tours you like best?


I was too young to see this concert live, but it still remains my favorite tour of all-time. I remember sneaking out of my bedroom late at night to watch the HBO recording and just being in complete awe of this sexy, powerful woman. My step-mother did not approve of Madonna in our household, so she was a guilty pleasure for me. Now release the god-damn blu-ray already!!!!! Have fans not been tortured long enough of being denied a proper, HD, surround-sound recording of this work of art! ><

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