Madonna's Instagram: The Ellen Show
Rebel Heart Window Display in Hong Kong Records


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Loved her on Ellen this past week. She was funny and relaxed and I thought the performances were great. She looked like she was having fun which is always good. I am looking forward to the concert in Atlanta. As far as ticket sales, my opinion is that she really pissed off a lot of casual Madonna fans on her MDNA tour by being 2-3 hours late for just about every show. I absolutely adore M but she does need to be on time for this tour. That being said she will be sold out where she hasn't done so yet by the time the tour starts. As far as the super deluxe version of Rebel Heart I find Beautiful Scars and Borrowed Time quite boring. Addicted and Graffiti Heart should have replaced S.E.X. and Holy Water, although Holy Water has grown on me but S.E.X. is just a no even though it's quite clear that it is a done tongue and cheek, but it's still a no. Heartbreakcity is fantastic, and upon every listening my favorite song changes. I love Rebel Heart!


God, how I love to watch Madonna Voguing!!!!
Those Japanese girls were fierce, too!
: D


I didn't like this performance, but LOVED her Joan of Arc and Dress you Up (in bathroom with Ellen) performances. She sounded great!!!


Love these two together!! Great fun and M looks fabulous and very relaxed!


Looks like the tour is going to be reworked anyway. Apparently ticket sales in America are pretty low. Sucks.


perhaps its just toned down for the area she has to work in-on johnathan ross it was also less energetic-but still studio areas aren't that big really--& she does say shes sick too.i think this tours gonna be great-hope theres no guest folk band type things on this one though--bores me too tears--& shes done it twice now!! really looking forward to it--I prefer arenas to outdoor gigs--think its gonna be amazing ;) xx


That's funny, I prefer this performance to the other more energetic ones. And she sung real good here, put some soul into it. Does anyone know which remix version of Living for Love this is? I just love it but cannot find this exact same one to buy.


oops. Performance!


I am sure this performs was scaled down for the Ellen stage.


I highly doubt it's the tour version. This is a very small stage, limited room for effects, dancing, etc. I really liked this performance though.....and the interviews. I cannot wait to see her in Philly in September.


why is she still promoting this song? it bombed around the world time to move on


I really hope this isn't the tour performance of LFL cuz its a less energetic than the Brits. Im having the feeling its a very "sit down play with guitar" tour which i hope isn't cuz the venues from the stage outline looks like its best for those high impact energetic performances.

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