Week #3 ICON Rebel Heart Tour Pre-sales
Madonna album reaches No.1 in Australia

Sam Smith denies Madonna her 12th number one album

Sam Smith has stopped Madonna from topping the UK album chart, denying her the 12th number one of her career.

Madonna's latest album, Rebel Heart, had been in pole position throughout the week, but Smith's In The Lonely Hour sneaked ahead at the last minute.

His record undoubtedly received a boost after he performed his new single, Lay Me Down, with John Legend on Friday night's Comic Relief show.

In the end, he beat Madonna by 12,000 sales, the Official Chart Company said.

From BBC News


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I absolutely believe that all the leaks of this album have hurt actual sales. The whole super deluxe version was leaked the week before the official release. It's a shame. All of this stealing of music nowadays is pretty sad. Also, the way billboard has changed the counting of album sales to include streaming from sights such as Spotify (which are free by the way), and ten individual digital purchases of songs equals 1 album sale is ridiculous! This kept Madonna from hitting number 1 here in the states on the billboard 200 chart. even though she had the most in actual album sales, which on the album sales chart she is number 1. I find all of this overhauling a bit shady. Album rankings should be based on actual album sales in my opinion and as far as radio airplay here in the states there is a lot of pay for play, which Madonna does not do.


Shame. I do like him but i doubt he'll even be releasing albums at all in 30 years time or 10 for that matter! She's still the queen!

Haters goin. 2 8

It's all riggd baby.... Sneaked pass my ass. Such a hate hard on . Her RH is so awesome. I can't stop finding a new favorite . Unreal!


Im very sad about this. she worked her ass off to be number 1 in UK, with all those interviews etc. i really do think the leak has something to do with this. I mean if Sam Smith's album got all leaked, I'm sure he won't have this number as before.


are you sure? on squaremadonna.com Madonna is #1 in UK.

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