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Request Madonna on US radio

madonnalicious reader Fernando is urging all Madonna fans and Rebel Hearts to keep Living For Love and Ghosttown ALIVE on US radio.

Z100 New York is the largest radio station broadcast nationwide.

Please vote for Living For Love and Ghosttown via their website, text or phone line:

- Go to and select On AIR tab and click request a song. You can only make a request ONCE every 24 hours from the same computer.

- Text 'request Madonna Living For Love / Ghosttown' to 55100

- Phone request line 800-242-0100

C'mon Rebel Hearts! WE CAN UNITE AND DO THIS!


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Charlotte Renee

we need to get this played on the radio if all of us come together we can do this. its her best album in years and deserves to be heard. I listen to it everyday and I know if they just gave it a chance they would see. Madonna fans unite <3


Z100 in NYC has played "GhostTown" the past three days, I heard it while at work on Monday and today.

Put those requests through, it's going to help!!


ive been doing it everyda ysince their release. have not heard either song played on U.S. radio so far here in nyc. seems there is no interest in playing her on radio. despite all her promotion the album failed big in the U.S. as well as ticket sales. no new added dates and u can still get tickets to any U.S. show. What happened here??? This is definately a first. Shame.


The test number is 55100 not 55000. Let's all bombard the station with requests.

Gary R.

I have tried so many times and the site always says I entered the wrong code.


The website link is incorrect but you can search for it on Z100s page. Once there however, after you spend time filling it in, it tell you that you incorrectly filled in the code at the bottom and instead of letting you retype it cancels all of the information you typed in the form.

I also tried to text to 55000 and it sent a message back stating that was not the correct format to request a song?

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