Rebel Heart: Singapore Pre-Order Badges
Madonna Writes Song For Kanye West

New York Post: Why Madonna still matters

Like the rest of us, it’s highly unlikely that Madonna will look back at this winter with any warm memories.

First her 13th studio album, 'Rebel Heart,' leaked, forcing her to hastily release six teaser tracks just before the holidays.

Then a social media campaign received heavy criticism after she appropriated images of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. and altered them in the spirit of the album’s cover (which features a close-up of the singer’s face, bound in black cord).

Finally, there was the thud heard ’round the world when, performing at the BRIT Awards in London, she fell ass-backward down a flight of stairs. All this before the full album has even come out (the official release is Tuesday).

It’s a run of events that has reignited the idea that the 56-year-old Madge is struggling to keep up with the modern pop world and desperately clinging to younger stars for a hint of relevance.

But in truth, young singers are still clamoring to work with the Material Girl - because in pop music, she’s still a god.

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@Rebel heart full of great songs!!!

Are you 12yo? "Haters goin to hate.": only teenagers and Stans spout this line over and over and over and over and over and over... *yawn*

Rebel heart full of great songs!!!

Album is great.... Who needs the charts? Inside out! Heartbreak city , Joan of arc....... Haters goin to hate. Her music is timeless and beyond radio crap. If you can't stand the heat..... Then get the hell out of the club!
Madonna is in a realm all by herself at this point.... No one comes close.


Love the new album! My only criticism is the songs Holy Water and S.E.X. should have never made the final cut. They are incredibly dull and pointless. I got my tickets for the Atlanta show this morning on the Icon Live Pass presale. They are incredible seats!!! Looking so forward to the tour!!


I agree, Dan. I am also a lifelong fan. Hard Candy wasn't an even album, but it had some amazing tracks on it, e.g. 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. For me, the rot really set in with MDNA and most of Rebel Heart - to me - sounds like rejects from MDNA, or even stuff that a musical geek would come up with a keyboard in their bedroom. Even the weak tracks on Hard Candy sound like minor masterpieces compared with Rebel Heart. I think that since M left Warner Brothers it is now ALL about the tours and not the music. Fair enough: it is tours that rake in the cash these days, but M can never expect to engage a new generation of fans as she did with COADF.


New album sucks. Songs sound like they were written by juveniles. Madonna is officially out of material. My stomach literally turned because I was so upset and disappointed. I have been a huge fan for years. This is the first album by Madonna I wish I had never heard. Was planning on buying concert tickets as I haven't missed a tour since Who's That Girl Tour. Won't be going as I have zero interest in this album. Never ever thought I would think this but she's done. Forget Rebel Heart. More like Broken Heart. Makes me incredibly sad.


She clearly doesn't matter to the UK singles market now - dropped like a stone from Number 26 to Number 53 in the UK chart after only two weeks... AND after her biggest publicity for a decade with THAT fall at The Brits. Given how few purchases are required to chart at Number 26, it would seem that even all the die-hard fans can't be purchasing any longer for such a, frankly, embarrassing start to the new 'Rebel Heart' era :-(

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