Madonna to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Awards
Video: Madonna on Che tempo che fa del


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Howard Stern on the radio used to be a lot crazier 20 years ago than he is now. When he has a guest in-studio or even on the phone, he's much more respectful and on their side in an extended ( one hour or longer ) interview. Howard never got to interview Madonna before, and he's been trying to get her on his show for 30 years. He isn't going to give a shit what Howard said about her movie eons ago, and "True or Dare" was a mess cinematically. They didn't even film it in color!

That Madonna once hosted Saturday Night Live proves that she has a sense of humor.


Wow, this is surprise. Howard Stern has said some unkind things about Madonna in the past. I remember back when Truth or Dare was out, he completely trashed the movie. He was being a complete asshole about it. Anyway, it should make interesting radio. I believe his show is uncensored, so she can say "fuck" as many times as she likes and not worry about it.

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