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Madonna Radio 1 move 'nothing personal'

Radio 1 boss Ben Cooper has insisted there was 'nothing personal' in the decision not to include Madonna's latest single on the station's playlist.

Fans of t he Material Girl singer, 56, who has repeatedly reinvented herself over the last 30 years, said the station snubbed her by not putting Living For Love on the playlist, which rates songs on musical merit and relevance to its listeners.

Mr Cooper said: "We do not ban artists. There's nothing personal about Madonna. I think it's just about the merit of the music that the artist is creating at the time.'

'We have one of the most democratic playlist committees in the world and it's worked for Madonna for the last 20 odd years but it just means that this current record, when it's a choice between that and say Wolf Alice or a new up-and-coming artist, then you say 'which is more relevant to a young audience?''

Living For Love was released ahead of schedule due to internet leaks and was the track she was performing at the Brits when she tumbled in front of millions of viewers after getting caught up in her cape.

Sir Paul McCartney, who at 72 is 16 years older than Madonna, has been on the playlist recently and presenter Annie Nightingale, 74, is significantly older than Madonna. She is on air every Tuesday between 1am and 4am.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News


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Agree with Tracy - the only reason Radio 1 is playing McCartney is due to Riri and KW. For them to actually cite this is as an example of them not being ageist is a perfect argument for them BEING ageist. If you don't watch the film clip, you'd have no idea that PM was in the song


@Andy: "the UK never abandoned discrimination of all kinds." Utter garbage. People will often yell "disctimination" when they don't get their own way. As a gay man, I have heard other gay colleagues in work say things like, "If I don't get that promotion, I will play the gay card." They should be ashamed of themselves and they make me ashamed that they see an integral part of who they are as a "card to be played".

The truth of it is that M's overall output of singles (and albums) since 'Miles Away' has been sub-par. In the UK, COADF yielded two number one singles and two top ten hits; HC yielded a UK number 1 and a top ten. Even the 1990s-Ibiza-Lite-rip-off 'Celebration' was a top three hit, only as far back as 2009... when M was 51!!! So, essentially, you are saying that 'age discrimination' kicked in for M only now, despite that her music up to and including 'Celebration' was widely played? When does age discrimination kick in, then? 52? 53? No - the radio stations are just not playing the current music because it is really not that good.

I have been a fan right from the outset, but I am mature enough to be fairly critical. For me, MDNA had only one good track ('I'm Addicted') and Rebel Heart also has one ("Ghosttown").


It is age discrimination.
BBC = SHIT and the UK never abandoned discrimination of all kinds.


im guessing Paul McCartney is only played though as he plays guitar on a song that also features Kanye West & Rhianna???? they don't usually play him--& also Annie Nightingale is 74--her shows on what time??????? im 43 & I listen to radio 1 quite a lot-but I think its very arrogant of them to assume all their listeners are 'young'----I don't consider myself old (although to someone of 20 I am ancient!!) most people have the radio on in the car or as background music at work,home ---so im guessing most of their listeners are old enough to drive & work!! they should consider this--& that their audience isn't made up of just 15 year olds.xx


Just wondering why Radio 1 is insisting about younger audience wherein radio is older than anybody else. Common are you sure the younger audience still listen to the radio? How come downloading of music and hearing them in an I-pod, mp3 players and other portable gadgets is the trend and you don't want to play requested songs such as Living for Love?

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