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From Liz Smith:

One last music note. There has been some barely disguised glee in reporting that the 'Empire' soundtrack just barely beat out Madonna’s 'Rebel Heart,' taking the No. 1 spot on Billboard. But Madonna’s record is actually selling more. (I leave it to chart mavens to explain this anomaly.)

And, the album is No.1 in eleven countries worldwide. Don’t cry for Madonna, because believe me, she’s not crying! She has promoted the hell out of the record. Now she’s thinking ahead to her sure-to-be-stupendous summer tour.

While Madonna occasionally looks back in song, in her life she simply doesn’t have the time.


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well if it wasn't for the numerous leaks Rebel Heart would be a smash hit! Come on guys we had heard the songs, months and months before...Madonna is not to blame..she is the Queen.


"Summer tour", Liz? More like fall/winter in reality!!!!


@jeffrey: Yup - Rebel Heart has CRASHED from #2 to #21 on its second week in the US; whilst Empire just slides one place to #2. Methinks Ms. Smith was bigging up the sales and the story a bit to protect her client! ;-) With all the promotion M has put into this album - including the unplanned notorious Brits fall which was seen all around the world - you have to wonder if the album would have performed even more poorly without the intensive promotion? I really love Ghosttown, so I hope this can help increase sales/performance of the album.


It seems that this album is sinking fast even with all of the promotion that she has done. I hope Ghosttown can boost its sales. First week sales of 120,000 in the states is really a major drop from MDNA first week sales of 349,000. She can't be happy about this. I know I'm not because other than a couple of songs I love this album.


@Andygandy: love your comment! Can't agree more!!


I love Liz. She knows what Madonna really is like. She has a sharp eye and sharp pen.

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