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Armani labels Madonna 'difficult' after Brits fall

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani has played down his part in Madonna's on-stage fall at this year's Brit Awards.

The pop star tumbled down a flight of steps during her performance last week when a dancer tried to pull away her Armani-designed matador cape.

She said the garment, which was supposed to fall off her shoulders, had been fastened too tightly.

Armani responded: 'The cape had a hook and she wanted a tie, and she wasn't able to open it with her hands. That's all there is to it. Madonna, as we all know, is very difficult.'

The 80-year-old was talking to the Associated Press following his show at Milan Fashion week.

Following the incident, the star's stylist, B Akerlund, posted a picture of herself lying on the floor covered in smashed cupcakes.

It is not known whether the Swedish-born stylist, who has worked with Madonna for nine years, tied the cape herself, though she came in for abuse from fans nonetheless.

'Please improve your work, she [Madonna] is a QUEEN don't deserve this,' said one.


From BBC News


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Jess Abercrom

I love Madonna.


Armani may have a point. Madonna does what she wants. If she wanted a tie, she got a tie. She also has to live with (luckily, thank the Universe) that choice. Seems to me a snap or hook would have been much easier? Regardless, it happened and maybe for once Madonna taught herself a valuable lesson. Listen to others, for they may have more knowledge of clothing than you, even you, dear Queen. I'm sincerely grateful and glad you are okay. You did marvelously after your fall, you got right back up and the lyrics even fit the fall. How appropriate even when you fuck up? (Which is very rare). You still manage to get part of it right, I guess. At the expense of your body. Like you said, you've fallen off bigger horses, but I don't think you had a horse that was 3 large steps upward. I hope some of your dancers broke your fall. I've not seen all the tapes available. Love, Peace and Healing thoughts to you and best of luck (and I'll be seeing you) on your new Rebel Heart Tour!

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