Madonna, Annie Lennox and 'Acting Your Age'
Andy Cohen takes Madonna’s haters to task

The Story Behind Madonna's Matador-Inspired Hairstyle

Madonna’s polarizing matadorlike custom Givenchy outfit may have elicited a range of reactions on Sunday night, but nobody could argue with the fact that the Material Girl’s Grammy hair was nothing if not perfect. Thanks to Madonna’s mane man, Andy Lecompte, her pin-curl look (complete with veiled topper) transitioned effortlessly into Veronica Lake-type waves for her live performance of her new single, 'Living for Love,' during the Grammys telecast.

'Inspiration was taken from matador bullfighters, with a romantic touch,' explains Lecompte, who works out of his namesake Los Angeles salon and has had his hands on Madonna’s tresses since 2003.

'First, we came up with her performance look,' says Lecompte, who based Madonna’s red-carpet hair look on her onstage style. 'We didn’t want her to perform with her hair pulled back as a traditional matador, because by the end of the song, she is more romantic and soft.'

After setting her hair for the performance, Lecompte then pinned up Madonna’s curls in front to give her 'an elegant, glamorous look,' he says. 'Traditionally, female matadors wear their hair pulled back in tight braids,' says Lecompte, who created a deconstructed take on the classic look in the back by braiding hair on one side and then pulling it up into a chignon.

'This was a true Madonna interpretation of a romantic matador, living for love,' says Lecompte.

From The Hollywood Reporter Via Yahoo! News


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Got to love her hair! Sooo stylish!

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