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Report: Madonna on 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

madonnalicious was lucky enough to attend the recording of Madonna's interview with Johnathan Ross last night at the ITV Studios in London.

After a lengthy wait in the cold to get into the studio we entered the studio from about 7.30pm and got a seat in the third row facing the sofa Madonna would be interviewed from.

The studio was set up with the sofa/chat area on the left hand side and the performance area on the right hand side (as you face the stage).

The warm-up guy explained that we would first see Madonna perform 'Living For Love' then she would have a costume change, then record 'Ghosttown' and then do the chat with Jonathan. It would all be edited later into a different order.

Our seats also afforded a view of backstage where we could see Madonna waiting to come on stage and have her hair and make-up touched up.

Here are the main highlights madonnalicious can remember from the night:

She first performed 'Living For Love' with full band and dancers from the BRIT Awards in her matador outfit....but with no cape!

After that performance Madonna and her team went backstage (?to view the performance) and then it was decided that she would perform it again.

A second performance of 'Living For Love' was a great bonus, and after that Madonna went backstage to change for her Ghosttown performance.

First Ghosttown performance, she lost the words a bit, but continued. However they decided they needed another take. Second performance, she laughed in the middle. So a third time was needed and was perfect.

Ghosttown is such a great track live, got goosebumps in that performance, especially with everyone singing along.

Ghosttown was introduced by Jonathan as 'Madonna's fabulous new single!'

In between takes fans were shouting asking if she was okay after last night, Madonna gave us the thumbs up sign.

Madonna then sat down to chat with Jonathan but complained the sofa was too soft and was sucking her in, he gave her a book of her lyrics to sit on (and she added her jacket as well).

At the beginning of the interview Madonna seemed quite nervous, fiddling constantly with her rings and her gloves, but as the interview progressed she got funnier and more relaxed.

She talked about her BRIT Awards fall, and Jonathan wanted to show the clip but she did not want to see it and has not seen it. Explained what happened and how it was not intentional! She had rehearsed with her starting position of the runway not so far along, then it was changed to be much further along. Her team were concerned the cape would fall off on this longer walk, so tied the silk ties on the cape even tighter. When the dancers went to pull the cape, Madonna realised she had a choice of being strangled or falling. As she is used to falling off horses (!) she chose to fall, tucked herself in but still banged the back of her head. She spent till 3am having a man shine a torch in her eyes making sure she was not concussed.

Confirmed she would be touring in 'the fall' and would be still touring at this time next year (2016) and of course would visit the UK.

She discussed her divorces (right man, wrong time or vice versa) and the fact that she is single at the moment. Madonna commented that she is old fashioned and would like the man to make the first move. Jonathan said that most men would be imitated by Madonna, but she said the right man would not be imitated.

Talked about her children and how they are all super talented, said that she has to check with Lourdes first if she is going to post a picture of her on Instagram as Madonna got a good telling off when she posted pictures before without checking.

After her Grammy Awards bum-flash she got a message from Lourdes with a copy of the picture saying 'Mother. Really?!'.

Also Madonna looked upset when talking about her children leaving home, it was the worst heartbreak for her.

She misheard Jonathan saying 'peculiar' as 'mercubial' and was shocked that she didn't know the word. Throughout the rest of the interview she would laugh and say 'that is so mercubial'.

Jonathan took Madonna back through a look at her costumes over the years, discussing the designers, and then Jonathan compared his outfits over the years. After that segment he goes 'Er.... I think that bit will be cut out' as it wasn't very successful.

Madonna talked about drugs and how they never did anything for her, but that she likes to drink. She wanted a martini, a dirty martini and they tried to rush and get her one. Later after the recording when they were filming the promos for the show a floorhand came in with a wine glass with a lot of gin and a huge lemon slice in it. Madonna took a sip, wrinkled her nose and didn't look too impressed.

The last part of the show was 'agony aunt' Madonna helping fans with dilemas, she took on two fans problems and was funny and chatty with the answers.

And then the promo adverts for the show were shot, Madonna sitting on Jonathan's desk and reading the lines off the autocue, they had a fun time and so did the audience!

Filming was finally over just after 11.00pm, a long time in the studio with Madonna and five performances!

The show will air on ITV1 on Saturday 14 March.



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how can we see this show in the states?


if you watch any interview with her she usually starts out a little nervous and then as time goes by she gets more comfortable. I just adore her, have since the Like a Virgin album.


So cool for you! Can't wait to hear Ghosttown Live!


Oh to be you you lucky lucky dog.....

Coleen Ferry

Me and my brother also cued in the cold, but had no luck getting in!😥



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