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'Living For Love' Debuts on Billboard's Pop Songs Chart

Madonna's New Song Explodes At Pop Radio

Madonna is still breaking records. Her latest single 'Living for Love' has topped Billboard‘s Dance Club Songs chart, making it her 44th No. 1 song on the Dance charts. Billboard describes the Queen of Pop‘s latest achievement.

'The Queen of Pop reigns again with ‘Living for Love,’ tying with George Strait, the King of Country, for the most leaders on a single Billboard chart. Madonna makes Billboard chart history, as she earns her 44th No. 1 on Dance Club Songs, where ‘Living for Love’ lifts 2-1.'

There is more good news for the former material girl. Her single 'Living for Love' is finally exploding at pop radio. It is currently No. 37 and is gaining more than a million listener impressions a day. Many thought that Madonna’s new single was gaining airplay because of a radio pay deal, but it has been confirmed that radio stations are playing it out of their own will - that means Ms. Ciccone is getting a lot of requests and great call-out research.

Madonna has yet to debut on the Billboard Hot 100, but that should change now that 'Living for Love' is getting a lot of exposure. The success of 'Living for Love' will help Madonna’s next single 'Ghosttown,' which probably won’t have to be released for a long time now that 'Living for Love' is here for the long term. The folks at American radio obviously still care about the Queen of Pop. However, there have been rumors that the BBC’s Radio 1 has banned Madonna from their playlist because she is 'too old.' The Inquisitr spoke to Radio 1, who denied the claims.

Perhaps Radio 1 will see how successful Madonna has been in the United States with her new single and add it to their playlist. Madonna is scheduled to perform at the Brit Awards next week. Madonna will release Rebel Heart on March 10. Around that time, dates for her upcoming tour should be announced as well. The year 2015 is going to be a great year for Madonna fans.

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Lets get Madonna to #1 on the radio! It's right now heating up the charts to a new high at #34 on Mediabase's official pop radio airplay and #36 on Billboard's Pop Songs (

I'm sharing a post another person made.

Request “Living for Love” to be played on USA radio stations. Next week is key for radio. More radio stations will have to make their decision based on how the top 40/POP format radio stations react to the song (how frequently it gets plaid per day) to add or not to add the song to their play list. Please help!

The link below covers all the steps with pictures for the top 10 stations... it will only take you 5 to 10 min each day. Check out the link for details, and Thank you for being a thru Madonna fan - one that talks the talk and walks the walk!!

Please share the link with anyone that wants to help!

DJ Johnny Blaze

Madonna is always #1 on the dance chart. We need to work on the radio airplay that's what very important right now. Madonna fans really need to request her songs on the radio. The links are everywhere promoting or just go to radio websites for requests.

I heard it on Z100, we need to get it play on KTU.

Request! Request! Request!

Rabbit Bunny

Gary, I agree with you! Madonna Cries in Living for Love because Love is the best thing to happen to Our Lady! Madonna Forever!


Hoping and praying she will prove all these losers wrong - once more!!!


Great news, the song deserves to be a huge hit.

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