Madonna releases Living For Love video on Snapchat
'Living for Love' video on Vevo


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Amazeballs song, amazeballs video!!!!! With the songs she's released so far, I could very well imagine the next tour could be her best ever even though it will be hard to match the standards of Confessions or MDNA.


it's very madonna or what she did the past 15 years on her tours. i think they seriously run out of ideas


Take A Bow has taken its MDNA!!


I like! Seems to be a tour ready part of a set for sure. I'm a little hung up on that 4 of the 6 songs already out are by far the best on the album. Feel disappointed. Was expecting so much from this album. Oh for the next album :)

April Jess NYC

I watched the video a few times, and I can't tell, or recognize Rocco. However, M is face to face (almost kissing) with one of the dancers, I thought it could be Timor? I haven't seen him in any pictures in awhile, so not sure. What do you think?

Rabbit Bunny

Thanks Jeff! Living for Love is a lovely, beautiful, defiant and triumphant song by Madonna! Love her always!!!!!


very poor choice for the first single, not liking this video at all.we`ll see what happens at the grammys but i think this is gonna be another disaster like mdna


Thats not Rocco, that was one of her dancers on MDNA tour.


I cannot stop watching this video! It truley is remarkable and beautiful and dark and triumphant. Cannot wait for her Grammy performance on Sunday. It's the only reason that I will be watching. I am truley excited about the release of Rebel Heart!! I preordered the cd on Amazon and now I just also preordered the Super Deluxe cd, which has alot of the songs that people have been complaining were not on the album, so everyone who was complaining needs to preorder the Super deluxe version of Rebel Heart. Now just waiting on the tour announcement....


Her son Rocco appears at the end of the video as the last bull she fights...
Such a great video...


The Devil's Rebel

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