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Madonna forgets record making but remembers patchouli

Madonna 'can't remember' making all her records.

The 56-year-old singer is preparing to release her 13th studio album, 'Rebel Heart', and admits she has released so many LPs throughout her illustrious career she cannot recall the creative process she went through to make all her albums.

She said: 'I cannot remember every record-making experience. It feels like there's been too many of them. But this ['Rebel Heart'] has been really, really intense....complicated. Just because there are so many people involved.'

'It's like a train that keeps picking up people. And every time someone gets on the train, they add another flavour. Then I have to step back and see, OK, how does this all fit into the big picture? So it does seem endless.'

But the 'Papa Don't Preach' hitmaker has no problem recalling her fourth studio album 'Like A Prayer', which came with a cover scented with patchouli oils to simulate church incense, because she now 'cannot stand' the aroma of the plant species.

She added in an interview with Mojo magazine: 'Terrible, terrible perfume. I can't stand it. I don't [like it] any more. It's a tree hugger's smell.'



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@ Felicity--I agree with what you said.ive followed Madonna for over 30 years--but I also feel like you do about her last few releases.gone are the days when she found the hot new writers/producers/djs--now she seems to just work with who she thinks the youngsters like :( this does make me sad,as majority of her fans are not not saying we should live in the past--but she seems to follow more than lead these days.from what ive heard of the new album-I like a few tracks--don't like a few tracks--but that's my opinion--we shall see when its released how I fully feel about it.i do agree that she still seems quite bitter too-maybe she should try a boyfriend over the age of 25--whos actually got some life experience & stories to tell.she needs to fall madly in love again maybe!!again-just my really looking forward to the grammys & the brits--im hoping she really wows us all--I love the 'living for love' video.its been a while since shes made a great video.maybe things are looking up :) xx

David Stokes

i just think people should just wait for the full album with the finished songs and not demos, which most people are commenting on,to say how they feel. also to say Madonna is not interested in what she is doing is an absolute joke. She totally dedicates herself to whatever project shes working on. She has spent the longest time making this record and im still very inspired by her. Sorry if I offended anyone.


@David Stokes - ah, the old "you cannot be a true fan" raises its truly UGLY head again! True fans are able to critique and are not blind followers; it is blind Stans such as you who cannot accept such critique and then bandy around the trite 'haters gonna hate' cr@p.

Do remember that even M herself sang "Nobody's Perfect"... and that includes her!

Oh, and the use of multiple exclamation marks at the end of a sentence does not make your point any more valid.


Just because Jake doesn't like the new stuff does not make him into a hater!! Have to say, Madonna's take on these things (since she's the one who's always saying that stuff) is very typical of a narcissist - you don't like something I did? (maybe something offensive and tactless like using the n world even! Or the music you've made which we are quite entitled not to like!) YOU'RE A HATER! WTF??? Yes, some people are pretty judgemental and negative, but we are aloud not to like her new music! I love every album up until Hard Candy. After that, for me it's soulless, hollow pop music, some of it even annoying, except for a few songs like I'm Addicted and Gang Bang. But it does not take away what an amazing woman she is (narcissist or not) and her past achievements and her creativity, which needless to say far far exceeds mine! So I deeply respect her achievements but I think she should go away for a while, like she did after Bedtime Stories, and wait to be truly inspired and bring out an album of Ray of Light's caliber. Or maybe she's just heartbroken and a bit bitter so lost her inspiration for a while which I wouldn't blame her for. In any case I am so grateful for all the music and performances and videos and photos and inspiration she has brought to my life, but I cannot say I find her inspiring now, especially with her botox face. And that does not make me a hater!!!! And I pray that the other songs on Rebel Heart are better PLEASE!! I just don't understand how she can think what she's doing is amazing enough to release.


i agree ghostown is great as were some of the leaked tracks,such as borrowed time but for some reason she has left off the good tracks and included,holy water and the god awful bitch im madonna she still has it in her to make a good album but just doesnt seem interested i have all madonnas albums this will definately be my last

David Stokes

just to reply to jake who posted the previous comment, you must not be a true fan because you wouldn't say things like that if you had heard the new stuff!!! ghostown is one of the best ballads she has ever done and living for love is just fantastic. wait for the full album until you pass judgement please. as speaking as a true fan of 26 years, Madonna is back wether the haters like it or not!!!!!!!


shes certainly forgotten how to make a good record

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