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'Living For Love' Finally off to good start at U.S. Radio!

Jonathan Ross to host one-off special with Madonna

Madonna will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show next month for an exclusive interview, which will see her perform two songs from her new album, it's been confirmed.

It’s been 12 years since the Queen of Pop last sat down with Jonathan, but there’ll be plenty of time for them to catch up as she will be the only guest in the one-off special.

The last time Madge graced Jonathan’s sofa in 2003, she was promoting her American Life album, but the pair go all the way back to 1992, when she opened up to a baby-faced Jonathan in the middle of the controversy over her raunchy photo collection Sex.

Given their history, it’s no surprise that Jonathan was full of praise for the pop legend.

'Madonna is remarkable. A bold, daring, uncompromising superstar who shot to the top back in the eighties and has remained there ever since,' the 54-year-old TV host said. 'I am hoping this interview will be as memorable and revealing as the first time I sat down with her over twenty years ago.'

From Daily Express

Madonna herself posted this picture and message on her Instagram page earlier: 'Mr Ross we meet again....see you next week! I might be wearing a different hat! @jrossshow ‪#‎livingforlove'


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I loved that look she spotted to promote Erotica and Sex in 1992


Madonna's Polish Fans Need Your Help! Here, in Poland, we have another big, widely-listened radio station which bans Madonna and her single. Please, go to and post a comment that you want Living For Love. (That would be really great if you add the hashtag #StopAgeism to the comment). Thank You for all Your Support :)


Is this on BBC America?

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