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Israeli Indicted for Hacking Madonna Since 2012

An Israeli man arrested last month for allegedly hacking Madonna’s private accounts and stealing demos of her unreleased album first began targeting the singer way back in 2012, according to authorities. He apparently hacked not only cloud storage accounts to steal and sell her music but also breached more than a dozen email accounts associated with the singer, including one connected to her manager.

Adi Lederman, a 39-year-old aspiring singer, allegedly began his hacking spree the same year he auditioned on air for the Israeli TV talent show Kohav Nolad (A Star Is Born). When Lederman was booted from the show he allegedly channeled his disappointment into hacking. Authorities say he hacked into a cloud storage account belonging to someone on Madonna’s team and copied an early version of the song 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' from her earlier album MDNA.

Then last March, authorities say he broke into three different cloud storage accounts to obtain demo files from Madonna’s new album 'Rebel Heart,' and hacked into an email account belonging to the office of Guy Oseary, Madonna’s Israeli-born manager. He also hit 15 other unspecified email accounts.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, Lederman set a system up to receive copies of all e-mails sent to the accounts, amassing tens of thousands of emails, photos, music files, and documents.

Among the files he stole were songs for Madonna’s upcoming 'Rebel Heart,' which is slated to be released March 6. The singer called the breach 'artistic rape' and a form of terror. Following the leak of the unfinished demo songs, Madonna’s team released the final versions of six of them through iTunes.

In addition to her songs, Lederman also reportedly stole a rehearsal tape for Madonna’s 2015 Grammy performance.

Lederman allegedly sold the music files, emails, and photos for as little as $20 to more than $1,000. A copy of the indictment, obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, reportedly identifies two potential co-conspirators who go by the names 'Craig Lunti' and 'Tom Hann.' Authorities say that following Lederman’s arrest last month, he ordered Lunti to delete their correspondence to thwart the investigation.

The Israeli has been charged with four counts, including computer trespassing, prohibited secret monitoring, copyright infringement and obstructing an investigation.

Lederman was arrested in Tel-Aviv following a joint investigation by the FBI, the internet crime unit of Israel’s anti-fraud police, and an Israeli private investigator. Madonna’s manager Oseary contact Asher Wizman, the private investigator right after the December 17 leak of demo songs from 'Rebel Heart'.

According to Alon Levy, head of high-tech investigations for Wizman Yaar Investigations, Oseary contacted his firm because it handles a lot of international investigations. An expert sent to New York to examine Madonna’s computers then confirmed that the hack had originated in Israel.

Levy told WIRED that his team spent a couple of weeks conducting an undercover investigation and surveillance before contacting police with what they’d found. 'After the undercover investigation they were sure that this is the right connection, and then we [contacted] the police,' he said.

In a raid of Lederman’s home, police seized computers and media storage devices and discovered that Madonna wasn’t the only victim. Lederman had allegedly hacked the computers of several international artists in order to steal unreleased demos and final tracks to sell.

During Lederman’s audition for Kohav Nolad in 2012 judges asked him what he did for a living. He replied, 'Mainly wasting my life away, it seems, because I’m told that I should be on stage.' For his audition, he sang the Stevie Wonder tune 'Don’t You Worry About a Thing.'


Madonna: 'Intolerance' in Europe 'feels like Nazi Germany'

Rebounding from her stage tumble at the Brit awards, pop star Madonna told French radio Thursday that 'intolerance' was now so high in France and Europe that 'it feels like Nazi Germany.'

Speaking to Europe 1 radio in an interview to be aired Friday morning, Madonna said 'anti-Semitism is at an all-time high' in France and elsewhere in Europe, and likened the current atmosphere to the period when German fascism was on the ascent.

'We're living in crazy times. It feels like Nazi Germany,' the 56-year-old singer said, calling the situation 'scary,' and lamenting what she described as France's lost tradition of welcoming diversity and honouring freedom.

'It was a country that embraced everyone and encouraged freedom in every way, shape or form - artistic expression of freedom,' Madonna said. 'Now that's completely gone. France was once a country that accepted people of colour, and was a place artists escaped to, whether it was Josephine Baker or Charlie Parker.'

In fact, Charlie Parker only visited France briefly to play concert engagements, and unlike jazz legends such as Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke and Dexter Gordon, never took up French residency.

The globally-acclaimed entertainer also spoke out in 2012 when she denounced the rise of xenophobia and extreme-right parties in Europe.

The diva said her earlier comments were made when 'I was receiving a lot of criticism and threats from Marie (sic) Le Pen and her' National Front party, which Madonna described as 'fascist.'

The singer's spat with Marine Le Pen began after the far-right leader threatened to sue Madonna over a video featuring an image of Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead. The offending symbol was eventually replaced with a question mark to avoid litigation.

But Madonna said in the Europe 1 interview that the motives that led her to speak out against intolerance in 2012 were even more pressing today.

'What I said two years ago is valid today,' she said. 'It's not just happening in France, it's all over Europe. But particularly in France. The level of intolerance is so enormous, it's scary.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

UK Tour dates announced on Monday!

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Madonna 'suffered whiplash' after Brits fall

Pop star Madonna says she suffered whiplash as a result of her 'nightmare' accident at Wednesday's Brit Awards.

The 56-year-old was pulled backwards off stage by a cape, which was supposed to fall from her shoulders.

In an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, taped on Thursday, the star said: 'I had a little bit of whiplash, I smacked the back of my head. And I had a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3am to make sure I was compos mentis.'

She added: 'I know how to fall, I have fallen off my horse many times.'

The singer blamed her fall on a wardrobe malfunction, saying her cape had been tied too tightly, meaning it could not be unfastened in time.

'Everyone was worried my cape would slide off, so they tied it really tight around my neck,' explained the singer.

'I got to the top of the stairs and I pulled the silky string, and it wouldn't come undone. I had two choices: I could either be strangled or fall, and I chose to fall.'

The star recovered and finished her performance, which was the finale of the Brit Awards - where Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith were the big winners.

She refused to watch a replay of the incident on Jonathan Ross's show, which will be broadcast on ITV on Saturday 14 March.

'It was a nightmare,' she said, 'I actually created a horror show for everyone.'

The star added that she would not be recreating the performance on her forthcoming tour.

'No more capes. Cape fear is over.'

From BBC News

Report: Madonna on 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

madonnalicious was lucky enough to attend the recording of Madonna's interview with Johnathan Ross last night at the ITV Studios in London.

After a lengthy wait in the cold to get into the studio we entered the studio from about 7.30pm and got a seat in the third row facing the sofa Madonna would be interviewed from.

The studio was set up with the sofa/chat area on the left hand side and the performance area on the right hand side (as you face the stage).

The warm-up guy explained that we would first see Madonna perform 'Living For Love' then she would have a costume change, then record 'Ghosttown' and then do the chat with Jonathan. It would all be edited later into a different order.

Our seats also afforded a view of backstage where we could see Madonna waiting to come on stage and have her hair and make-up touched up.

Here are the main highlights madonnalicious can remember from the night:

She first performed 'Living For Love' with full band and dancers from the BRIT Awards in her matador outfit....but with no cape!

After that performance Madonna and her team went backstage (?to view the performance) and then it was decided that she would perform it again.

A second performance of 'Living For Love' was a great bonus, and after that Madonna went backstage to change for her Ghosttown performance.

First Ghosttown performance, she lost the words a bit, but continued. However they decided they needed another take. Second performance, she laughed in the middle. So a third time was needed and was perfect.

Ghosttown is such a great track live, got goosebumps in that performance, especially with everyone singing along.

Ghosttown was introduced by Jonathan as 'Madonna's fabulous new single!'

In between takes fans were shouting asking if she was okay after last night, Madonna gave us the thumbs up sign.

Madonna then sat down to chat with Jonathan but complained the sofa was too soft and was sucking her in, he gave her a book of her lyrics to sit on (and she added her jacket as well).

At the beginning of the interview Madonna seemed quite nervous, fiddling constantly with her rings and her gloves, but as the interview progressed she got funnier and more relaxed.

She talked about her BRIT Awards fall, and Jonathan wanted to show the clip but she did not want to see it and has not seen it. Explained what happened and how it was not intentional! She had rehearsed with her starting position of the runway not so far along, then it was changed to be much further along. Her team were concerned the cape would fall off on this longer walk, so tied the silk ties on the cape even tighter. When the dancers went to pull the cape, Madonna realised she had a choice of being strangled or falling. As she is used to falling off horses (!) she chose to fall, tucked herself in but still banged the back of her head. She spent till 3am having a man shine a torch in her eyes making sure she was not concussed.

Confirmed she would be touring in 'the fall' and would be still touring at this time next year (2016) and of course would visit the UK.

She discussed her divorces (right man, wrong time or vice versa) and the fact that she is single at the moment. Madonna commented that she is old fashioned and would like the man to make the first move. Jonathan said that most men would be imitated by Madonna, but she said the right man would not be imitated.

Talked about her children and how they are all super talented, said that she has to check with Lourdes first if she is going to post a picture of her on Instagram as Madonna got a good telling off when she posted pictures before without checking.

After her Grammy Awards bum-flash she got a message from Lourdes with a copy of the picture saying 'Mother. Really?!'.

Also Madonna looked upset when talking about her children leaving home, it was the worst heartbreak for her.

She misheard Jonathan saying 'peculiar' as 'mercubial' and was shocked that she didn't know the word. Throughout the rest of the interview she would laugh and say 'that is so mercubial'.

Jonathan took Madonna back through a look at her costumes over the years, discussing the designers, and then Jonathan compared his outfits over the years. After that segment he goes 'Er.... I think that bit will be cut out' as it wasn't very successful.

Madonna talked about drugs and how they never did anything for her, but that she likes to drink. She wanted a martini, a dirty martini and they tried to rush and get her one. Later after the recording when they were filming the promos for the show a floorhand came in with a wine glass with a lot of gin and a huge lemon slice in it. Madonna took a sip, wrinkled her nose and didn't look too impressed.

The last part of the show was 'agony aunt' Madonna helping fans with dilemas, she took on two fans problems and was funny and chatty with the answers.

And then the promo adverts for the show were shot, Madonna sitting on Jonathan's desk and reading the lines off the autocue, they had a fun time and so did the audience!

Filming was finally over just after 11.00pm, a long time in the studio with Madonna and five performances!

The show will air on ITV1 on Saturday 14 March.


Fallen Madonna 'fine' after tumble

Madonna has said she is 'fine' after a wardrobe malfunction made her fall backwards off the stage at the Brit Awards.

The star's red and black cloak was 'too tight' and made her fall over, she told her three million followers on Instagram.

Alongside a picture of the cloak that caused the embarrassing slip-up, Madonna wrote: 'Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine! livingforlove.'

The Queen of Pop was closing the Brit Awards ceremony when the fall took place.

When her backing dancers tried to pull off her cloak, the artist was dragged backwards before falling to the floor with a bang.

The dancers, who were dressed as demons, looked on in shock before Madonna got back up and went on with the show.

Fans took to Twitter to show their support after Madonna's fall.

User Louise Houghton wrote: 'Big respect to Madonna BRITAwards for carrying on so professionally & giving an awesome performance. Please don't slate her.'

Melanie Redmond tweeted: 'Oh my god. Madonna. That fall. I feel so bad for you but you did sing about stumbling. And you really did more than that, you crash landed.'

Another wrote: 'I'm sweating with anxiety for the cape puller who will perish in the flames tonight.'

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News

BRIT Awards Tonight!

Fans in the UK can catch Madonna's performance at the BRIT Awards on ITV1 from 8:00-10:20pm (a repeat will air on Saturday 28 February on ITV2 from 2:50-5.10pm).

The BRIT Awards: Red Carpet show will air on ITV2 from 7:00-08:00pm and the BRIT Awards: Afterparty will air on ITV2 from 10:20-11:20pm.

Fans outside the UK can watch the live stream of the show on

Madonna shoots up UK iTunes chart with 'Living For Love'

Madonna has shot up to number two on the UK iTunes chart with her new single.

The star's latest release 'Living For Love' was made available in the UK earlier today (February 25), and has quickly scaled the iTunes sales chart.

It is only currently behind Noel Gallagher's promotional track 'Lock All The Doors', which has been released to promote his new album Chasing Yesterday.

'Living For Love's high sales have been achieved despite Radio 1 refusing to playlist the track as they deemed it irrelevant for their younger demographic - a decision which was protested by Madonna's fans.

'Living For Love' has been released in the UK today ahead of Madonna's performance at the Brit Awards this evening.

The star will take to the stage at London's O2 arena for the ceremony, which will be broadcast live on ITV from 8pm.

From Digital Spy

Hard Candy Fitness Classes launched in New York City

Hard Candy Fitness®, the global luxury fitness brand founded by Madonna in partnership with New Evolution Ventures (NeV), will launch an exclusive new dance class series at the Broadway Dance Center in New York titled Dancers’ Access.

This dance series marks the first US offering of classes under the Hard Candy Fitness brand, which currently has a growing portfolio of luxury full-service fitness centers in destination cities around the globe.

The 20-week series features tour-caliber choreography created and taught by the Hard Candy Fitness Sweat Crew, who also act as Madonna’s personal trainers. It will be the first time the general public will have access to these trainers and content outside of the brand’s international health and fitness club network.

'As the Creative Director of Hard Candy Fitness and the leader of the Sweat Crew, I am thrilled to bring the heart and soul of this brand to the US for the first time and to New York City in particular. It’s especially gratifying that the series of classes will take place at one of the most prominent dance centers in the world,' says Craig Smith, Hard Candy Fitness Creative Director and lead personal trainer for Madonna.

'Based on Madonna’s love and passion for dance, we are excited to launch this program as a way for dance lovers of all skill levels to learn what inspires and keeps our global star fit and able to perform on such a high level.'

Each week, participants will learn choreography inspired by Madonna’s on-stage performances. Dancers’ Access brings innovative, professional-level content on a weekly basis to dancers at one of the biggest dance companies in the world, Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan, which Madonna herself once attended.

Elements of the class will include an extensive warm up, performance conditioning, flexibility and cardio needed to perform day after day while on tour, along with learning and performing choreographed content.

Classes begin Monday March 2, 2015 and are scheduled every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Visit The Broadway Dance Center online to reserve your spot and find out more about the Hard Candy Fitness Sweat Crew and Dancers’ Access program.

'Living For Love' Debuts on Billboard's Pop Songs Chart

Madonna debuts on Pop Songs at No. 36 with 'Living for Love,' aided by concentrated on plays on several iHeartMedia-owned stations; for instance, WHTZ New York played it 19 times in the week ending Feb. 22, according to Nielsen Music, and KIIS Los Angeles spun it 16 times. She makes her 29th visit (dating to the chart's October 1992 launch) and first since 2012, when 'Give Me All Your Luvin',' featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., and 'Girl Gone Wild' reached Nos. 24 and 38, respectively (sparked by notable plays at iHeartMedia; 'Luvin' ' aired hourly for nearly three days at the chain leading up to her Super Bowl halftime appearance that year).

As previously reported, 'Living,' which Madonna performed at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 8, makes esteemed history on Dance Club Songs, where it reaches No. 1, becoming Madonna's 44th leader on the list. She ties George Strait, who's logged 44 No. 1s on Hot Country Songs, for the most toppers by an artist ever on any Billboard chart. 'Living' also debuts on Dance/Mix Show Airplay at No. 35.

From - thanks to Micheal

Madonna's New Song Explodes At Pop Radio

Madonna is still breaking records. Her latest single 'Living for Love' has topped Billboard‘s Dance Club Songs chart, making it her 44th No. 1 song on the Dance charts. Billboard describes the Queen of Pop‘s latest achievement.

'The Queen of Pop reigns again with ‘Living for Love,’ tying with George Strait, the King of Country, for the most leaders on a single Billboard chart. Madonna makes Billboard chart history, as she earns her 44th No. 1 on Dance Club Songs, where ‘Living for Love’ lifts 2-1.'

There is more good news for the former material girl. Her single 'Living for Love' is finally exploding at pop radio. It is currently No. 37 and is gaining more than a million listener impressions a day. Many thought that Madonna’s new single was gaining airplay because of a radio pay deal, but it has been confirmed that radio stations are playing it out of their own will - that means Ms. Ciccone is getting a lot of requests and great call-out research.

Madonna has yet to debut on the Billboard Hot 100, but that should change now that 'Living for Love' is getting a lot of exposure. The success of 'Living for Love' will help Madonna’s next single 'Ghosttown,' which probably won’t have to be released for a long time now that 'Living for Love' is here for the long term. The folks at American radio obviously still care about the Queen of Pop. However, there have been rumors that the BBC’s Radio 1 has banned Madonna from their playlist because she is 'too old.' The Inquisitr spoke to Radio 1, who denied the claims.

Perhaps Radio 1 will see how successful Madonna has been in the United States with her new single and add it to their playlist. Madonna is scheduled to perform at the Brit Awards next week. Madonna will release Rebel Heart on March 10. Around that time, dates for her upcoming tour should be announced as well. The year 2015 is going to be a great year for Madonna fans.

From: - thanks to David

Madonna ties with George Strait for most #1s Billboard charts

Madonna has achieved another career milestone tying with country crooner George Strait for logging the most No. 1 singles on Billboard charts.

The Queen of Pop’s latest single 'Living for Love' marks her 44th No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart.

Strait, also called the King of Country, also logged 44 chart toppers between 1982 and 2009 on Hot Country Songs.

Madonna’s 13th studio album, 'Rebel Heart' is due out March 10.

From Relax News Via Yahoo! News

Madonna to miss her annual Oscars party

The 'Living for Love' hitmaker is reportedly likely to ditch her own annual post-Academy Award show celebration - thrown alongside her manager Guy Oseary - in favour of rehearsing for the BRIT Awards 2015, which take place in London next Wednesday.

A former guest shared: 'People go to the Vanity Fair party to be photographed - then they go to Madonna's to party in private.'

The party - that last year welcomed the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - may be Hollywood's hottest celebration but some people are 'annoyed' that her party is so exclusive.

A source added to the New York Post's Page Six column: 'Madonna's managed to usurp the Oscars, and she's not from the film business. Some people are annoyed that her party has skimmed the most famous people from the top.'

Meanwhile, the next few weeks will see the 56-year-old singer begin her promotion for her upcoming album and her representative has cited this as the reason for missing her own party.

They said: 'Madonna has been committed to performing on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' as well as various other promotion for months. Any Madonna performance naturally requires a lot of rehearsal - like Tina Turner says, 'We never do nothin' nice and easy.'

'I'm told that there will be as many stars as ever at mega manager [Guy's] party.'


Jonathan Ross: 'I'm allowed to ask her anything'

Jonathan Ross has discussed the upcoming special edition of The Jonathan Ross Show with Madonna.

The chat show host will interview the 'Living for Love' singer next month for the first time since 2003.

Ross praised Madonna on This Morning today (February 17), calling her an 'iconic' figure.

'I still think she's an incredible, entertaining brand and iconic figure,' he said. 'Really interesting woman, and a really talented woman.'

'Love her or hate her, you've got to admit that she has talent and has ability. [She's] a great live performer.'

'It's going to be really good to catch up again....I'm going to be allowed to talk about anything, which is really good.'

From Digital Spy

BBC Radio 1 comment on Madonna's 'Living for Love'

There's been a bit of a media storm surrounding Madonna over the last couple of days, and it's not down to the outfit she wore at this year's Grammy awards.

Instead it's been about her music, her age and whether she's been banned from the Radio 1 playlist.

The singer, 56, has a new album out, Rebel Heart, and the first official single is called Living for Love.

But Radio 1 says age has nothing to do with tracks not being playlisted.

Earlier this week, the station's Facebook page was flooded with messages urging the network to play Living for Love as part of the station's 10-Minute Takeover feature.

The fans, many from South America, accused the network of being 'discriminatory'.

Jordan, 24 and from Manchester, got in touch with Newsbeat to say he loves radio and "can't believe that Radio 1 has snubbed a song like 'Living for Love'.

'I think there's a massive problem when it comes to radio playing, particularly, female singers over a certain age,' he says.

'If this song had been recorded by someone younger, it would have had a lot more airplay by now. Madonna's a musical icon and as shown by her recent Grammy performance, she's just as relevant as any other recording artist out there right now.'

There are several playlists run by Radio 1, including In New Music We Trust, and the tracks on it are published every week on the station's website.

In a statement, Radio 1 says: 'The tracks are chosen on musical merit and their relevance to our young audience on a case-by-case basis, and while around 40% of the country's 15 to 29-year-olds tune into Radio 1 each week, an artist's age is never a factor.'

But Radio 1 bosses say this track didn't make the cut.

Newsbeat has occasionally been invited to sit in on the Radio 1 playlist meeting, which comprises the music team, production teams and of course - lunch.

It's a meeting that can go on for up to four hours, with in-depth discussions about songs, the audience and 'musical merit'.

From BBC Newsbeat

'Living For Love' Finally off to good start at U.S. Radio!

Thanks to a big Valentine’s Day push, Madonna’s 'Living for Love' now registers as one of the fifty most-played songs at pop radio.

The song, which made an underwhelming pop radio impact last week, registers at #49 on Monday’s edition of the rolling Mediabase pop radio chart.

That #49 position is attributable to the 427 spins 'Living for Love' received between February 9 and 15. Reports indicate that 205 of those spins came on Valentine’s Day.

Whether this weekend’s airplay represents an anomaly or the beginning of a momentum swing remains to be seen, but it certainly breeds some optimism for those discouraged by previous status reports.

Per last week’s Mediabase add board, only fifteen monitored stations added 'Living for Love' in conjunction with its official radio impact (and on the heels of its Grammy Awards showcase).

That it had gained virtually no traction ahead of its official impact date - Mediabase says it only received 10 pop radio spins during the week between February 2 and 8 despite its weeks of pre-impact buzz and availability–provided further reason to doubt the extent to which radio programmers were 'Living for Love.'

If audiences reacted favorably to the song they started to hear more frequently over Valentine’s Day weekend, that could change.

From - thanks to Micheal

Jonathan Ross to host one-off special with Madonna

Madonna will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show next month for an exclusive interview, which will see her perform two songs from her new album, it's been confirmed.

It’s been 12 years since the Queen of Pop last sat down with Jonathan, but there’ll be plenty of time for them to catch up as she will be the only guest in the one-off special.

The last time Madge graced Jonathan’s sofa in 2003, she was promoting her American Life album, but the pair go all the way back to 1992, when she opened up to a baby-faced Jonathan in the middle of the controversy over her raunchy photo collection Sex.

Given their history, it’s no surprise that Jonathan was full of praise for the pop legend.

'Madonna is remarkable. A bold, daring, uncompromising superstar who shot to the top back in the eighties and has remained there ever since,' the 54-year-old TV host said. 'I am hoping this interview will be as memorable and revealing as the first time I sat down with her over twenty years ago.'

From Daily Express

Madonna herself posted this picture and message on her Instagram page earlier: 'Mr Ross we meet again....see you next week! I might be wearing a different hat! @jrossshow ‪#‎livingforlove'

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'I'm not part of the Illuminati, but I know who they are'

Madonna has claimed that she knows who 'the real Illuminati are'.

The singer has recorded new track 'Illuminati' for her upcoming 13th studio album Rebel Heart, which is out on March 9.

'People often accuse me of being a member of the Illuminati, but the thing is, I know who the real Illuminati are and I know where that word comes from,' Madonna told Rolling Stone.

The iconic star worked with Kanye West on the track, who headed up production duties and got very excited about the song.

'We were worried he was going to hit his head on the ceiling,' Madonna added.

The singer also spoke about the meaning behind her new single 'Living For Love', which will precede the release of Rebel Heart.

'Lots of people sing about being in love and being happy, or they write about having a broken heart and being inconsolable,' Madonna explained.

'But nobody writes about having a broken heart and being hopeful and triumphant afterward. That was my challenge. I didn't want to be a victim.'

From Digital Spy

Hear Madonna's Impressive Isolated Grammys Vocals

Isolated vocals are one of the Internet's great obsessions, and they often don't end well (sorry, Mariah/Taylor/Britney). That makes us all the more pleased when a pop star delivers a demanding performance and still sounds remarkable, as is the case for the vocals purportedly extracted from Madonna's recent Grammy appearance.

The singer's rendition of 'Living for Love' found her being handed off among a mosaic of men dressed as bulls, destroying some '80s-throwback choreography and still hitting every word during the six-minute performance (atop a recorded vocal track, of course). Anyone who says Madonna isn't still the master at 56 years old has not been paying attention.


Madonna Talks to Billboard: Grey, Pope, and 'Word Police'

Strutting into Universal's Manhattan headquarters on a bleak, frigid evening, Madonna looks like a naughty princess come to toss off some knowledge to the peons. It's an image enhanced not only by her outfit - a form-fitting black blazer with arm poufs; a silver Chanel whistle, hanging low on a necklace; and aubergine-hued lace gloves topped with a diamond skull ring - but also the servant that trails in her wake, carrying an old-timey glass bottle with a black ribbon tied around the neck. It looks like a vessel from a cartoon - it might have smoke billowing out the top and the caption, 'Drink to Grow Strong,' but it's just good old tequila. 'We're playing a drinking game,' announces Madonna, plunking two shot glasses on a coffee table. "If you ask a stupid question, you have to drink a shot. But if you ask an amazing question, I have to drink a shot." Pause for effect. 'I'm the judge of stupid and good, though.'

Madonna never did take a shot, but we didn't get drunk either. Instead, after unfolding herself on a white leather horseshoe-shaped couch, upon which the 56-year-old often stretched like a cat - the body, as always, is in tip-top shape, and her cool blue eyes never break their gaze - she engaged in a rapid-fire chat about sex, motherhood, religion and Rebel Heart (Live Nation/Interscope), her 13th studio album. A return to pop after 2012's EDM-flavored MDNA (which has sold 539,000 copies, according to Nielsen Music), Rebel Heart features special guests Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Nas and Mike Tyson, and producers like Diplo and Avicii. Its tracks are named after her lifelong obsessions, like 'S.E.X.' and 'Holy Water,' in which she whispers, 'Yeezus loves my p---- best.' (Billboard tells her we misheard this as 'Jesus loves my p---- best,' at which she dryly remarks, 'Whole different context.')

To read the rest of the article visit:

Madonna thinks 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is 'so unrealistic'

Madonna thinks 'Fifty Shades of Grey' was written for virgins.

The 56-year-old singer has no plans to watch the new big screen adaptation of EL James' best-selling erotic novel, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, because she thought the book was 'so unrealistic' and 'not very sexy.'

The 'Living for Love' hitmaker, whose 2001 documentary, 'There's Only One Madonna,' was produced by James, said: 'It's pulp fiction. It's not very sexy, maybe for someone who has never had sex before. I kept waiting for something exciting and crazy to happen in that red room thing, and I was like, 'Hmm, a lot of spanking.' I also thought, 'This is so unrealistic because no guy goes down on a girl that much.' I'm sorry, but no one eats p***y as much as the guy in that book.'

Asked whether her views on sex have changed in recent years, Madonna told Billboard magazine: 'Absolutely not. Nope. Sex is a wonderful, necessary part of life.'

But the singer, who was previously wed to actor Sean Penn for four years until 1989 and Guy Ritchie from 2002 to 2008, would like to find love again.

The star, who has four children, Lourdes, 18, Rocco, 14, David and Mercy, both nine, said: 'I'm a hopeless romantic. I love being in love. I mean, I'm in love with my children, but that's a different kind of love. It's the love that never ends.'


Andy Cohen takes Madonna’s haters to task

Madonna’s butt-baring Givenchy matador number on the Grammys red carpet may have landed her on many a worst-dressed list - but count Andy Cohen as a fan.

'I loved it,' he said Tuesday night at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards at Jazz at Lincoln Center. 'Here’s the thing, the red carpets today are so boring because everyone has a stylist, and they just listen to their stylist and they do whatever they say. I like that Madonna puts on a show every time she comes out.. . .when I’m 56, if my ass looks like that, I’ll wear fishnets and a matador outfit and show my ass.'

Cohen found the Madge Twitter backlash particularly obnoxious.

'I thought the response to her was really ageist,' he said. 'Why should you deny Madonna the right to be Madonna? This is who she is. This is what she does.'

'I was tweeting about her, and I got a lot of tweets from women who were saying, ‘She’s too old, she can’t do this, she looks ridiculous,’ ' added Cohen. 'I tweeted a couple back and I said, ‘Look, I’m looking at your avatar, and with all due respect, honey, you have a situation happening yourself.’ I don’t know why I’m on such a soap box about it, but I think it’s interesting. She’s Madonna. Let her keep being Madonna. Don’t take that away.'

A longtime Madonna fan, Cohen has made no secret of the fact that the Queen of Pop is his dream guest to have on his nightly Bravo talk show, 'Watch What Happens Live.' He’s hoping to leverage the release of her new album coming in March, 'Rebel Heart,' into a booking.

'I’m working on it!,' he said. 'Over Christmas, I was sitting there, zoning out in the sun, listening to Madonna, thinking seriously, ‘What would you ask her?’ And I started writing questions. Because that’s one show that I don’t want to blow.. . .I don’t want to f – – k it up.'

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The Story Behind Madonna's Matador-Inspired Hairstyle

Madonna’s polarizing matadorlike custom Givenchy outfit may have elicited a range of reactions on Sunday night, but nobody could argue with the fact that the Material Girl’s Grammy hair was nothing if not perfect. Thanks to Madonna’s mane man, Andy Lecompte, her pin-curl look (complete with veiled topper) transitioned effortlessly into Veronica Lake-type waves for her live performance of her new single, 'Living for Love,' during the Grammys telecast.

'Inspiration was taken from matador bullfighters, with a romantic touch,' explains Lecompte, who works out of his namesake Los Angeles salon and has had his hands on Madonna’s tresses since 2003.

'First, we came up with her performance look,' says Lecompte, who based Madonna’s red-carpet hair look on her onstage style. 'We didn’t want her to perform with her hair pulled back as a traditional matador, because by the end of the song, she is more romantic and soft.'

After setting her hair for the performance, Lecompte then pinned up Madonna’s curls in front to give her 'an elegant, glamorous look,' he says. 'Traditionally, female matadors wear their hair pulled back in tight braids,' says Lecompte, who created a deconstructed take on the classic look in the back by braiding hair on one side and then pulling it up into a chignon.

'This was a true Madonna interpretation of a romantic matador, living for love,' says Lecompte.

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Madonna, Annie Lennox and 'Acting Your Age'

It's far too common to pit women in popular music against one another. And, after Madonna and Annie Lennox delivered their respective performances on the 57th Grammy Awards on Sunday, that's exactly what happened. As both these strong female trailblazers came to prominence in the 1980s, many in the cyber sphere wanted to admonish one over the other.

But, first off, comparing Annie Lennox and Madonna musically is a false equivalence. They are, generally, two different types of artists, popular for different reasons, each with separate skill sets: one is a rock, blue-eyed soul vocalist about big vocal performances, the other is a dance-pop, self-proclaimed 'show girl' with a talent for theatrics, messages, dancing and spectacle. Both are entertainment masters in their own right.

But, simmering underneath their performances was a vitriolic conversation online and in the media about age. With just four years difference (Lennox, 60 and Madonna, 56), there were countless remarks on how one was acting 'appropriately,' and one was not. One was 'a class act' and one was not. But when it comes to aging - just like their musical careers - these women have two separate approaches and journeys entirely their own.

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Your Chance to Chat to Madonna on Grindr

Madonna is planning to mark Valentine’s Day with a chat on Grindr.

The pop star, who is set to release her 13th studio album Rebel Heart, has announced a competition with five fans getting the chance to converse with her on the dating app.

To enter the competition, fans have been asked to 'recreate Madonna’s Rebel Heart album cover with you as the star and post as your Grindr profile picture and add hashtag #LivingForLove to the headline in your profile by 11:59 PM PST February 14th, 2015.'

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Madonna explains her Grammy flash

Madonna has explained why she flashed her posterior on the Grammy's red carpet.

The Queen of Pop lifted her skirt as she walked away from photographers during arrivals on Sunday night - revealing her bottom clothed in just fishnet tights and a black thong.

Madonna, 56, told US presenter Ryan Seacrest on his radio show the next morning she had been inspired to create her own wardrobe malfunction.

Madonna said: 'I had an inspired wardrobe malfunction moment. As I was walking away, I wasn't mooning - I just lifted my dress up. Mooning is like naked butt. Everyone's seen my naked butt already. Not for a while, not since the '90s. It's the age of ass, isn't it? It was me having fun and being cheeky, no pun intended.'

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Riccardo Tisci and B. Akerlund on Madonna’s Outfits spoke to Riccardo Tisci and B.Akerlund about the two outfits designed for Madonna's red carpet and performance at the Grammy Awards:

During a mostly dull Grammy awards, Madonna provided a ray of high-fashion light. We have designer Riccardo Tisci and stylist B. Akerlund to thank. Tisci collaborated with Akerlund and Madonna on two custom Givenchy Haute Couture looks - a pastel and black corset dress for the red carpet and a crimson leotard, jacket, and cape for the stage - that brought something extra to the ceremony in a way only Madonna can.

'Madonna is a real life friend and working with her is always effortless, like collaborating with family,' Tisci explained. 'We created a Matador inspired set of Haute Couture pieces to match her theme of 'Living for Love.' I loved the idea of her as this Givenchy warrior in full Couture embroidery and color blocking.' Tisci’s creations took 50 people 2500 hours of hand-beading the couture tradition, according to Akerlund, but it was worth it. 'M is famous for knowing how to take a risk in multiple fields at the same time, and as usual, we all saw how it pays off,' Tisci said of the performance.

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Madonna being helped out of her boots during her costume change at the Grammys.

Taylor Swift was 'so scared' to meet Madonna

Taylor Swift was 'so scared' to meet Madonna at the Grammy Awards.

The 25-year-old singer was petrified the 'Like A Virgin' hitmaker would not live up to her expectations and after being told the 56-year-old star had heaped praise on her music, saying she cannot get her songs out of her head, the blonde beauty refused to believe it was true.

When told about Madonna's positive comments on the red carpet at the ceremony at the Los Angeles Staples Center last night, she told 'Access Hollywood': 'Stop, I will pass out! You can't, don't be lying. Oh my God, I've been so scared to meet her, because it means too much to me. When she first said something nice about me in the press a couple of weeks ago, I was like, 'There's no way it's real, it' too good to be real.'

Earlier in the evening, Madonna admitted she was a huge fan of the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' hitmaker's 'catchy' songs. She said: 'She writes some damn catchy pop songs. Can't get them out of my head.'

Despite Taylor's nerves, she did finally manage to muster up the courage to meet the music legend. She tweeted: 'Madonna is now a person I've met. #TheGrammys'

Madonna appeared equally as pleased to meet the 'Shake It Off' songstress as she took to Twitter to post a picture of the pair embracing at the ceremony. She wrote: 'Shaking it up back stage at the Grammy's with Taylor!! #livingforlove'


Madonna Used Album Leak Criticism To Perfect Her Songs

Madonna is convinced her album leak actually helped her make a better record because she let criticism of the unfinished tracks 'guide' her as she finished off the project.

A suspect was arrested in Israel last month and charged with hacking into the Queen of Pop's computer and leaking songs from her upcoming Rebel Heart album in December.

The hacking prompted Madonna to share a handful of tracks nearly three months before the album's intended March release, but the Music hitmaker admits the incident actually helped her make improvements.

During an interview with U.S. host Ryan Seacrest on the E! Live from the Red Carpet special before the Grammy Awards on Sunday, Madonna said, 'It was an interesting process, because it was kinda like the music came out unready and people commented on it and even though I was p**sed that I got hacked and s**t got leaked I was like, 'Ooh, I better change this'. It actually helped guide me a little bit.'


Grammy Awards: Madonna's #LivingforLove Backstage

Backstage at the Grammy Awards photocall: