Madonna Talks to Billboard: Grey, Pope, and 'Word Police'
'I'm not part of the Illuminati, but I know who they are'

Hear Madonna's Impressive Isolated Grammys Vocals

Isolated vocals are one of the Internet's great obsessions, and they often don't end well (sorry, Mariah/Taylor/Britney). That makes us all the more pleased when a pop star delivers a demanding performance and still sounds remarkable, as is the case for the vocals purportedly extracted from Madonna's recent Grammy appearance.

The singer's rendition of 'Living for Love' found her being handed off among a mosaic of men dressed as bulls, destroying some '80s-throwback choreography and still hitting every word during the six-minute performance (atop a recorded vocal track, of course). Anyone who says Madonna isn't still the master at 56 years old has not been paying attention.



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David Stokes

Never underestimate Madonna, she nailed that vocal. Cant wait to see her on the jonathan ross show and to see what two songs she sings, hope its ghostown and living. Go madge.


She really sang the song so well!!

Rabbit Bunny

Living for Love is a brilliant song and performance!!!!! Madonna-Brilliant Forever!


She sounded amazing! Surprisingly good! Love that voice! She got all the notes! I am proud!

Rudy Betancourt

She came on in that adorable black outfit and she reminded me of the incomparable Peggy Lee (Fever)
Then it was all Rita Hayworth (Gilda) in that sexy red outfit!
In fact, decades ago, I saw Madonna dance in that Pepsi commercial and she looked just like Rita Hayworth sans the red hair.

Pure Gold Performance here! are Golden

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