The Story Behind Madonna's Matador-Inspired Hairstyle
More 'Rebel Heart' billboards in Los Angeles

Andy Cohen takes Madonna’s haters to task

Madonna’s butt-baring Givenchy matador number on the Grammys red carpet may have landed her on many a worst-dressed list - but count Andy Cohen as a fan.

'I loved it,' he said Tuesday night at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards at Jazz at Lincoln Center. 'Here’s the thing, the red carpets today are so boring because everyone has a stylist, and they just listen to their stylist and they do whatever they say. I like that Madonna puts on a show every time she comes out.. . .when I’m 56, if my ass looks like that, I’ll wear fishnets and a matador outfit and show my ass.'

Cohen found the Madge Twitter backlash particularly obnoxious.

'I thought the response to her was really ageist,' he said. 'Why should you deny Madonna the right to be Madonna? This is who she is. This is what she does.'

'I was tweeting about her, and I got a lot of tweets from women who were saying, ‘She’s too old, she can’t do this, she looks ridiculous,’ ' added Cohen. 'I tweeted a couple back and I said, ‘Look, I’m looking at your avatar, and with all due respect, honey, you have a situation happening yourself.’ I don’t know why I’m on such a soap box about it, but I think it’s interesting. She’s Madonna. Let her keep being Madonna. Don’t take that away.'

A longtime Madonna fan, Cohen has made no secret of the fact that the Queen of Pop is his dream guest to have on his nightly Bravo talk show, 'Watch What Happens Live.' He’s hoping to leverage the release of her new album coming in March, 'Rebel Heart,' into a booking.

'I’m working on it!,' he said. 'Over Christmas, I was sitting there, zoning out in the sun, listening to Madonna, thinking seriously, ‘What would you ask her?’ And I started writing questions. Because that’s one show that I don’t want to blow.. . .I don’t want to f – – k it up.'

From New York Post


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