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Madonna to perform at the Grammy Awards

Madonna, AC/DC and Ariana Grande are among the first performers announced to take the stage at the Grammy Awards next month.

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and country star Eric Church will also perform at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, The Recording Academy announced Tuesday.

Grande, who is nominated for two awards, will make her Grammy debut. Church is nominated for four honors, while Sheeran has three, including album of the year for 'x.'

Beyonce, Sam Smith and Pharrell are the leaders in nominations with six apiece. The three pop stars, along with Sheeran, will compete with Beck for album of the year.

The 57th annual Grammy Awards will air live on CBS.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

'Rebel Hearts see you Feb 8th at The GRAMMYs #GRAMMYs #rebelheart'


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Living for Love is a brilliant Madonna song! For the record Jeffrey, Die Another Day became the lead single from American Life-it's one of the few gems from that album-my least favorite Madonna record!


I like Devil Pray too, but LFL is definitely a decent lead single.


This is going to be a blast!!!

David Hops

Have to agree, actually other than Gimme all your luvin, I really like the lead singles choices...
(I much preferred Girl Gone Wild to Gimme all your luvin) ...
In this case I really like Ghost Town, but Living For Love is without a doubt my fav... it has a choral kinda backing to it... I think its going to be a hit...
Super excited for it to hit the radio here in Canada.


@jeffery @reily. Agree the two AL andGMAYL not strong. Living for love isn't as strong as any of the of the others in the list, but miles better than GMAYL. That said Devil Pray would be and could a very cool performance. I think back to Super Bowl and GMAYL although "cheerleadery" turn up the radio would have been a nice way to introduce mdna. Especially since the focus was really her older stuff. Either way, it'll be good :)


I would LOVE Ghost Town, but it will probably be LFL


Livin for Love is an earworm. Once you hear it it gets stuck in your head. As for lead singles
Like a Virgin
Live to Tell
Who's That Girl
Like a Prayer
American Life
Hung Up
4 Minutes
Gimme all your Livin

Other than American Life and Gimme all your Livin these lead singles were strong both musically and on the charts. Not such a horrible track record.




It would be a dream to hear her do Ghost Town or Devil Pray. That would really get her back on top. She's probably going to do Living for Love, one of the weaker tracks :( She's horrible at picking lead singles.

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