Madonna's Instagram: 'Living for Versace'
Madonna misses her daughter

Liz Smith: 'Living for Love' video shot in Brooklyn

Speaking of music, I called my friend Liz Rosenberg, who has long repped the likes of Stevie Nicks, Cher, Michael Buble and but of course, Madonna. So, what will The Big M sing on the upcoming Grammy telecast?

Liz could not reveal, but she did say: 'Madonna just shot a video for the first single from her ‘Rebel Heart’ album. It’s 'Living for Love' and we did it in Brooklyn. Lots of gorgeous men and incredible dancing and she looked very sexy. But I think the most important thing was how much fun she was having!' (Liz R. and I agree that Madonna needs more fun. Really. The woman never relaxes!)

'Living for Love' will be released February 12th. The album lands in March.



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Agree with all the comments so far! Even though they contained an element of "walking along the street", I always thought the videos for Hung Up and Sorry were very well-conceived, with Sorry effectively continuing from where Hung Up left off.


mmmm---sounds like the 'turn up the radio' video--I also miss groundbreaking stuff like 'express yourself' & 'vogue' etc.i also wish she'd dramatically change her hair--cut a load off it!!! she hasn't re-invented in ages!!! perhaps im being presumtious --we shall sure she will look stunning & the dancers will of course be hot ;) xx


I miss the days when a new Madonna album meant a new look or even a series of looks in her videos. I like the song "Living For Love" and I hope it does well.


Ugh... I really don't want to see another video filmed on the street that seems improvised on the spot. We need a high concept video with good production values.


So it would be yet another of her kind of videos we already seen from her? When is she going to re-invent herself, like she did in the 1998-2003 era? I think it's time.

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