Madonna on the cover of Interview magazine
Madonna Named As World's Richest Recording Artist


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ive seen the topless pic--& the boobs don't look real!!!! they look like fake comedy boobs--the nipples look fans weve all seen madonnas nipples & boobs a lot--these do not look like hers!!!! :( & part of me agrees with scott--I know she says its art or whatever--but she still is a mom to a teenage boy with friends who will mock him relentlessly!! whoever he is--im no prude- but really sometimes I think she should consider these things xx


Long Live The Queen!


Of the 9 pics, 4 have hands 'on show' or without gloves. It's not a hand-cream advert!


There is not a magazine cover or photo spread that isn't photoshopped. Madonna looks amazing and these are beautiful photos. Once again she is breaking the boundaries. Who says that you can't be sexy or exude sexual confidence at any age? If I had that body at ANY age I would be showing it off also. Kudos Madonna! Now give us an incredible album in 2015!


I love her too, but why so airbrushed pictures? Stop using photoshop would really pushes bottons nowadays and would be a fight against ageism - much more than topless.


Love her.. but really Madonna... topless at your age? Desperate much?
And these pics are so airbrushed that it must have taken a crew of 100 to get them to look like this.


Happy to flash everything but her hands... Her hands are either still covered or not on show. It is a source of amazement to me that someone who purports to be as confident and "f**k you" as Madonna can be so hung up over her hands (which she clearly is).

Michael J. Hildebrand

Stunningly beautiful.


where's the topless pic? :)




I agree, super cool ! For long time she hasn't been so cool


Oh my goodness! Hot shit, man!


Amazing pictures!

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