Furious at leaks, Madonna releases songs early
Madonna defends music leak comments

Madonna's 'Living For Love': Billboard Single Review

When listening to Madonna sing a line like 'Took me to heaven, let me fall down/Now that it's over, I'm gonna carry on' on new single 'Living For Love,' it's hard not to think of the disappointment the pop queen felt earlier this week, when her thirteenth album leaked online in demo form before it was even officially announced.

Fortunately for fans, that initial shock is over, and Madge is carrying on with an album release - 'Living For Love' previews Rebel Heart, now due out in March, and hints at the defiant pose that the follow-up to 2012's MDNA may strike after a few overstuffed dance projects.

Unlike Madonna's previous two lead singles, the pre-EDM banger '4 Minutes' and the cheerleader pep talk 'Give Me All Your Luvin',' 'Living For Love' leaves its focus on its lyrics, with the singer beginning over a regal piano line that's eventually joined by pulsing percussion.

The confidence Madonna displays on the track recalls singular classics like 'Express Yourself' and 'Like A Prayer,' and when the song weaves its way toward a throbbing drop, Madonna continues crooning, refusing to be relegated to the background.

Living For Love' sounds like a giddy combination of Madonna's past and present, and represents an encouraging sign for a 2015 project that was unexpectedly thrown into jeopardy at the end of 2014.

From www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop-shop/6414019/madonna-living-for-love


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of course they will compare this to MDNA. I know her music well, and let me tell you I have NEVER stopped listening to it! The dance effect on MDNA is just to great. that said. This Rebel Heart is okay..it will take some time to enjoy. Luckily her music isn't bubblegum and it needs to be soaked in. So I will get back to you. Madonna Bitch! ps. that devil pray...wow.

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