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Madonna has posted this message on her Instagram page about the leaked tracks and demos from her new album sessions, including 'Two Steps Behind Me' which some people have imagined is a dig at Lady Gaga:

'There are those who want to shut me up but they cannot! We still live in a world that discriminates against women. There are People that are so hateful. they want to create feuds between strong women that do not exist! I do not wish ill will towards any other female artist and I never have! The World is big enough for all of us! I will fight for my rights as an artist and a human and a woman till the end if my days! Because I am a #rebelheart and I walk in the footsteps of giants and I will not apologize for or defend my unpublished unfinished STOLEN work. If you don't like who I am or what I have to say then why are you reading this? #unapologeticbitch'

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary had a Q&A session on Twitter last night and said this: 'That song is NOT about gaga or anyone in particular. The song is an unfinished demo she had no intention of finishing or releasing along with many others.'


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I have listened to the 6 new songs repeatedly, but I only enjoy Devil Pray, Unapologetic Bitch, and Ghosttown. The other 3 are absurd--especially Bitch, I'm Madonna. I have been a Madonna fan since the early 90s, but I must say that the last 2 albums (MDNA and Hard Candy) have been disappointing. Her last significant album was Confessions on a Dancefloor. It seems like she has been collaborating with the wrong people and more concerned about using words that rhyme rather than substance in her songwriting. I only enjoyed Love Spent, Masterpiece, and Falling Free on MDNA.


It seems like there is a lot of good press and buzz around her...the press and twitter seem to really like the new thats great for her. I personally have not liked anything I have heard but maybe its taking so long to release the album because they are giving everything an overhaul. I must say though, I thought Bitch I'm Madonna was her most embarrassing moment but I stood corrected...her song about Lady Gaga takes it to a new level.


Fair enough Jim.

It certainly never stopped me from purchasing on iTunes. Like I said, there's not much I haven't purchased and enjoyed. Thankfully I've had a catalogue of albums over the years and really all I'm saying is I enjoyed the sad, hopeful, happy, sexy, and occasional angry Madonna. Speaking only of the new tracks, nothing unreleased, I'm summizing this album as "rappy-angry-bitter" Madonna. Nothing says she can't be that, I just prefer there other sides of her. And I like songs I can connect with, sing along to, dance to, and gives you a good feeling. Ghost town and devil pray, although not on the hopeful and sad side, have a great beat, easy to listen to. The other 4, I'm not loving. But I mean in apologetic bitch, I've sung along, I've enjoyed the I"I'm giving you the finger" moments plenty of times. I just don't get the right feeling from the 6 songs as a whole, that this album will be a masterpiece. Will I buy? Most likely, how else will I know if I like it? I guess then and there I'll have a full view of the album.
Yikes that's a lot of verbal diarrhea. Not looking to piss anyone off, just a pov.


Furthermore. If you were so secure in yourself then it wouldn't matter to you what the media said about your song. Your are the one that said, "Why should I care what the world thinks of me?" You may be a woman but you act like an unruly and apparently unapologetic bitch that has to have her own way which could be considered as being a delinquent child.


Clearly you are getting defensive to try and be right. Take responsibility for how you have treated people in the past. You are responsible for your behaviour. I've seen in media that you have chastised Lady Gaga so stop being a hypocrite that you are immune to the consequences of your own actions. You aren't always right.


I think she is writing what she feels. We live in a complicated world. You can have everything, and still be unhappy... how can you not be, this world is going to shit in front of our eyes. I love that there is thought in what she is doing... makes more sense to me than happy party girl at 56.


Hi Scott

I agree with your points, but the one thing I don't agree with is being a big fan and listening to thieved music. What if someone stole your work and gave it away without your permission? Would you have something to say about it? Would it make you disinclined to do any more work in future, knowing that it would happen again, and again, and again?

As a fellow fan I want to ask you and all the others who listened to the stolen tracks, didn't you prefer to wait until she had videos, outfits and choreography to go with the songs so that you feel the full excitement of a Madonna extravaganza? Do you feel that you've ruined your own excitement by reducing it, for the sake of a 'give me it now' fix? The price being a longer-term let-down.

Didn't you want the bigger thrill of seeing a fully-fledged piece of art - video, audio, choreo - even though you'd have to wait a bit longer for it?

I am dismayed at living in a group of societies with all these adults who don't have any self-control and, like young children, just grab for the first offer of free sweets without thinking about the consequences of their actions, nor about what it reveals about them as human beings.

We, as human beings, weren't like this until recently, and to have become like this is not progress in human nature. It is a regression to infancy. We have ruined ourselves and our chance of finding a lasting happiness because of this infantile grabbing and 'me me me'.

Please don't listen to stolen music. Please don't read stolen words. Please don't watch stolen films. Unless you want to have your work stolen too, and I'm very sure that you don't.




I love the fact that madonna is still making people talk! I have found her new music very promising! I can not wait for the whole album to be released!


I'm a huge fan. Feel I should start with that. I like ghost town and devil pray. But I have a feeling this album might be a mess and a miss based and the rest I've heard. Seems like a woman with so much seems so angry. Angry rapping woman music...meh..I can do without. I enjoyed American Life, which this album reminds me of so far. But I would rather music that's hopeful or exciting. You have to wonder with all the charity she is linked to she would pull inspiration from that. I recall older songs built on sadness, like rain, or happiness, like cherish and holiday, or power, like express yourself. Now it seems once anger and bitterness creeped in her music, human nature, American life, that's what seems to be most prominent theme. And with all the people she roped iin to work on this album I have high expectations. This album being touted as her best in 10 years, they mostly feel like leftover songs. :( that makes me sad... Hopefully I'm wrong, but I have listened to the other leaked songs, and I'm not hearing a revolution. She ain't stupid and knows she can drop an album and well a few million, with people like me willing to buy. I just think this time I'll be a but more disappointed. Time to lighten up moe! Happy 2015.


Fabulous words! On the other hand the song title is free, if there is any singer who feels identified, problem of it. I love Madonna for 28 years and I never criticized her for her acting. She is an artist and I love her as such. I can't stand those who say they are fans these days, criticize and throw shit all the time. How it has changed everything! But as I hate singers who sow hatred, envy.

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