Madonna's message to fans about full album leak
Furious at leaks, Madonna releases songs early

Madonna Releases Six Songs From New 'Rebel Heart' Album

Madonna has just released six songs from her new studio album 'Rebel Heart'. The six songs are currently available for purchase now via preorder at iTunes and other music outlets with purchase of the album and a la carte as well. The music will also be available on all streaming services. Additional music will be released on Feb. 9th. The full album of 'Rebel Heart' on Interscope Records is scheduled to be released the first week in March 2015.

Song titles that are currently available from the new album are Living For Love, Devil Pray, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati and Bitch I'm Madonna which was recorded with Nicki Minaj. Producers include Madonna, Diplo, Kanye West, Billboard, was recorded in NY, LA and London.

The decision to release the songs much earlier than anticipated was due to the leaking of several work-in-progress demos earlier this week.

'I was hoping to release my new single 'Living For Love' on Valentine's Day with the rest of the album coming in the Spring. I would prefer my fans to hear completed versions of some of the songs instead of the incomplete tracks that are circulating. Please consider these six songs as an early Christmas gift,' commented Madonna.

Pre-order at or via your local iTunes store.

What do you think of the tracks you have downloaded from Rebel Heart? Add your thoughts using the 'Comments' button below.


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Rabbit Bunny

Rebel Heart-The Unapologetic Bitch/Lucky Star/Ray of Light/Music maker/Evita-is back for good to stay!! Live to Tell and Take a Bow! Madonna Forever in Her Brilliance!!!!!


Okay...I am a huge ass fan!!! devil pray and ghosttown is what I am feeling. I just love her guitar in these, its so melodic and brings you in. These songs are all so fresh that I also need to listen to it more and more and more. The best news about all this is that TS1989 got her ass kicked off the #1 spot. I shouldn't hate? right? but the powers that be..keep ramming her down my throat!!! Step back bitch.. Madonnas here!


well.... The best music she has released in such a long time!


R&B, EDM, Reggae, Pop, House and Dubstep...
I'm living for loving Madonna! <3

Gary R.

First listen I thought the songs were "OK". After a few more listens all 6 songs have grown on me. I like Illuminatti ALOT!! Sounds like the new album will be a diverse collection of tunes. In my opinion she should use these 6 songs to hear her fans reaction and then release an album of "new" songs, not including these. By releasing these 6 songs she has taken out some of the anticipation of an album of all new material. Now when the album comes out we will have already heard half of it, unless she is going to go with more than the standard 12 or so tracks. All in all I like all 6 but there is nothing here that is gonna be a huge hit. I am probably one of her biggest fans, loved MDNA when everyone else was dumping on it, but this sounds like it is going in the direction of Hard Candy and that is my least favorite out of all her albums to date.

Paul Gwilt

Why can't I download 'Living For Love'? Help please


i think Madonna needs to fire her whole circle and start fresh. for me these tracks are just god awful garbage. been a fan for 30 years, really Madonna?? u can do better than this. or maybe you just really don't care anymore. pity :-(


I can't get over the songwriting and her amazing vocals this time!!! Love it. Can do without nicki minage though


just downloaded the songs on itunes. i have to say they have the quality and creativity that i've been looking for in her last 2 albums in vain.

really looking forward to the whole album. she's gonna rock the world with that!


I love all of them. I can't wait to hear the rest! Madonna is the BOMB!


Woohoo I love the new album!!! I do agree though I like the Illuminati demo better.

Renato santorini

GT for me is the best one:
LFL has a great begining but i think does not has strength enough at the chorus and afterwards not best choice at lead single
Illuminati: i dont get it..
Unapologetic bitch: a nice and fresh song i like it as album filler
Devil pray good song
Bitch i'm madonna: out of place...
So far GT the best
I really hope the best part of album is the missing songs to release on feb.
They are in general nice tracks: but M worked almost all 2014 with a lot of people i was expecting more


... As for the songs. They're amazing. 5 out of 6 six is true Madonna classic. The one with Nicki Minaj is something i don't understand though. Musically it's not very catchy to me, the lyrics are not too bright, not a Madonna standard. Anyway the rest surprised me in a good way. I was a little bit skeptical about them, but they turned out to be really cool and even ennobling sometimes. I have to confess one thing though. I managed to listen to two more, "Rebel Heart" and also to "the one that got away". Maybe this can be censured by some, I admit, but this latter thrilled me! Classic Madonna in the '10 years, fresh, authentic still somehow old-fashioned in a very elegant way. To end my comment, I just want to say that all the effort and the immense work that has been put into this album can be felt. Better than the last time. And that's what I appreciate the most. Good job.


Sounds promising and seems that this album will be quite an elcectic mix of tracks if there truly is going to 19 tracks total. So far this could be her best stuff in a long time.


First of all let me express my disappointment because of the fact that M had to take such a desperate step to release 6 songs earlier than she wanted. As a fan i love the process of going to the record store to buy the album, take it home put into the hifi and have a first surprise listen to it. Unfortunately this didin't happen in years, the last album I could this with was confessions. As I perceive, there has been immense work and effort put into this new record. I honestly don't know if the leaking was or was not the idea of the management, but the artist herself seemed pretty disappointed about it. I think - without having heard the whole material - this is going to be a classic Madonna album unlike hard candy for example. My feelings are mixed right now. Of course, new songs effect me like something ecstatic. But at the same time I'm also sad about this whole week of misery for her. It's clear this early release was not planned and will definitely affect sales...


The B**** is back and I like it a lot!! Can't wait for the rest and hope she will promote this album to become her biggest succes ever!! What do you think about the songs Claire??

Brian Daniels

This is my favorite artist's new go-to marketing ploy. Sorry, Mo... You did the same thing with the release of your last album. I looked it up ;)

I haven't heard the tunes yet...I'll wait for the released album (which I'm sure will be totally different than these incarnations that you "grudgingly released early"). HA! You don't grudgingly do anything. :D


Living for Love is an absolute throwback to the early 90s, with current EDM production - outstanding. She's belting like she did on Express Yourself, Rescue Me, and Deeper & Deeper. Sounds terrific.


Preordered the album and listened to the 6 songs. I am so pumped up for this album!!!!!! They are written with an actual verse and chorus, what Madonna does best. You can tell that she has taken her time with these songs, not rushed to put out another edm album. Don't get me wrong I am probably one of the few who really liked MDNA. You gotta accept it for what it was, a strictly underproduced edm album. The new songs are so layered and lush, my favorite at this moment is Devil Pray. It reminds me of the best of Ray of Light and Music. Living for Love brings back the best of True Blue and Like a Prayer. Ghost town is flat out beautiful. Illuminati brings back Confessions on a Dance Floor and Unapologetic Bitch is pure Madonna attitude. For the one song that simply turned me off with the title, Bitch I'm Madonna, I absolutely love it!!!!! This album should and deserves to explode everywhere. I can't wait for the full album. M should rule the charts in the new year!!!


Been listening to the 6 tracks all day. Love them all. Her voice is amazing!


Madonna always knows what I need and understands what I am going through in life. Her music gives me direction and joy. I love Madonna.


Love love love. No one compares to Madonna! She is such a talented songwriter! New fresh songs that got me hooked again - can't wait for the whole album. Dreaming about the next world tour already!!!!


Living for love sounds like a demo, sorry madge. You do to much your best to please the youth. I get to old for this music. Don't like any of them.


Not impressed yet

Dean Ismail

Just had a couple of listens to the 5 tracks made available on i-Tunes and I really like them.

The first two, Devil Pray and Ghosttown are rather melodious - and her vocal comes across softer and rather raw.

Interesting lyrics, especially on Devil Pray. It makes sense though in the context of the song.

Ghosttown is more reflective and gentler. I especially like this track. Very much.

The other three are more harder in tone.
There's Ska on Unapologetic Bitch and I love the way those two words rolls of her tongue. Lyrically, I guess it's a natural follow-on from She's Not Me and I Don't Give a F***.

This kind of self-empowering vibe has long been one of the reasons why I enjoy Madonna's artistic output. I'm glad she continues this on Rebel Heart.

Illuminati - rather densely produced and lyrically curious. I still enjoy it though.
Bitch I'm Madonna - another heavily produced track with perhaps slightly less original lyrical content.

I enjoy all 5 tracks especially the first two.

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